About OMS

Overcoming MS (OMS) educates, supports and empowers people with MS in evidence-based lifestyle and medication choices that improve health outcomes. OMS promotes the 7-Step Recovery Program, the evidence-based and rigorously researched diet and lifestyle modification approach.

This spans diet, exercise, vitamin D, stress reduction, and medication (if needed) – the approach was developed by Professor George Jelinek, an award-winning professor of emergency medicine and scientific researcher. OMS is a global nonprofit organization that is registered as a charity in the USA, UK and Australia.

This website provides:

  • Full details of the evidence-based recovery program’s lifestyle interventions. These are key for maintaining an active, healthy and balanced life.
  • A community forum for sharing experiences and garnering support.
  • Frequently-asked questions about a range of MS-related topics.
  • An encyclopedia of in-depth information which covers issues like stress, smoking, pregnancy and more.
  • Blogs on OMS activities.
  • A summary of scientific information about multiple sclerosis, including: symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis, and the best medical research about the available therapies.
  • Updates on news and research as it is published and reviewed by our medical research team.