Dr Arie Gafson

Dr Arie Gafson

Arie Gafson is a trainee academic neurologist based at Imperial College London and an OMS event facilitator.

During his pre-clinical degree at Oxford he developed an interest in multiple sclerosis whilst undertaking a BA in clinical neurosciences. He moved to UCL to complete his clinical studies where he spent time in Professor Giovannoni’s lab. This confirmed his interest in multiple sclerosis as a sub-specialty of neurology.

Arie has recently completed a Wellcome Trust funded PhD in Translational Medicine. During his PhD, Arie aimed to discover markers of treatment response in a cohort of relapsing-remitting MS patients commencing Tecfidera. The aim was to identify those most likely to respond to the medication in order to ‘personalize’ the treatment of multiple sclerosis. This would potentially ensure patients are on the most effective treatment whilst at the same time avoiding exposure to unnecessary risks and side effects.

During his free time, Arie enjoys cooking, running, and hunting for antiques! He is excited to be joining OMS where a holistic approach is taken to managing MS.

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