Dr Rachael Hunter


Rachael is a mum of two and a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and a facilitator for OMS retreats. She currently works as a Senior Lecturer at Swansea University where she is co-director of the MSc in Abnormal and Clinical Psychology and is also involved in research exploring how people respond to illness.

In 2012 she was working in NHS children’s mental health services when she became unwell and was later diagnosed with MS. Rachael says that she feels very lucky to have found Overcoming MS during diagnosis and to have such a supportive family who share her positive outlook.

Since then Rachael has felt compelled to try and make other’s aware of what they can do to live well with MS; in particular, through raising awareness of OMS and lifestyle approaches to illness through a blog and by sharing aspects of following OMS on Instagram @myomslife.

She describes herself as a ‘realistic optimist’ and remains relapse free, with a 2017 MRI scan showing “no evidence of ongoing active disease”.

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