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We achieve our vision and strategic goals by providing:

Forum and social media communities

An online forum and social media content: we empower people with MS to take control of their health and become hopeful about the future. Over 15,000 people currently benefit from person-centred advice and support round the clock. We now have 45,000 social media followers.

Community: OMS Circles

Overcoming MS Circles are at the heart of what we do: inform, support and empower people living with MS. OMS Circles are a community of people supporting each other to make sustainable changed to their lifestyle to help their health, wellbeing and MS symptoms. Our voluntary groups (Circles) are a peer-to-peer support group network, led by voluntary group leaders (Ambassadors). Circles are run by people with MS, for people with MS. 

At the start of 2022 we have 94 active Circles providing support to 1,964 people living with MS across 29 countries. In 2021 we welcomed 37 new volunteer Ambassadors bringing our total to 100.

'Thanks to the OMS Circles, I have always felt supported and that there was someone I could turn to for a chit chat or for general 'what if' queries.'

MS Information

Our digital information offer focuses on providing accessible, diverse and practical resources that recognise the unique challenges people face. The majority of our digital content is developed with our community members and includes inspiring blogs, recipes and exercise programs. Our website visits average 33,000 every month. In 2021, we had 1,263,023 web page views. Our recipes attracted over 70,000 views, blogs – 100,000. Over 19,000 people are subscribed to our monthly newsletter.

The Overcoming MS book

The Overcoming MS book has proven over time to be a hugely popular guide for people with MS to become active participants in making decisions about their health. In 2021, we distributed 1,064 free books in the UK and Ireland.

The Living well with MS podcast family

Our podcast series is one of our most popular and highly rated offerings, ranking in the top 20% (by audience) of all podcasts. Developed to inspire and inform people living with MS, we have expanded to three series: our flagship Living Well with MS; Coffee Break, profiling members of the global OMS community; and Ask Jack, featuring plant-based chef Jack McNulty answering cooking and food-related questions from our community. In 2021, we produced 33 total episodes, featuring interviews with world-renowned experts including scientists, fitness specialists, neurologists, researchers and nutritionists. The podcast is available on all major podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify, where 93% of it's reviews have garnered 5 stars.

'I love the Overcoming MS podcast. I found it very useful at the beginning when I was trying to teach my family and friends about what I was doing', Facebook follower, Oct 2020


We have been developing a digital area on our website to host the latest research which our lifestyle interventions are based upon and that showcase the health benefits of everyday actions, including diet, exercise and stress management.

Finding Hope with OMS Webinar Season 2

Following on from the success of the Refresh with OMS webinar season in 2021 we launched season 2 - Finding Hope with OMS covered topics such as Women's Health, Living well with Progressive MS and an interactive Ask Aaron session, giving people the opportunity to put questions to a neurologist. 965 people attended the 6 webinars across the year with over 3,000 playbacks and reaching over 40 countries. 

‘Thanks as always for being such a fabulous resource and support network! Just wanted to thank you for an informative uplifting event.’