OMS in action and the impact we create

All our work is inspired by our community. We work together for greater impact on the lives of people with MS.

Action and impact

“I love the Overcoming MS podcast. I found it very useful at the beginning when I was trying to teach my family and friends about what I was doing”, Facebook follower, Oct 2020

We achieve our vision and strategic goals by providing:

Forum and social media communities

An online forum and social media content: we empower people with MS to take control of their health and become hopeful about the future. Over 15,000 people currently benefit from person-centred advice and support round the clock. We now have 42,000 social media followers.

Community: OMS Circles

This is at the heart of what we do. Our voluntary groups, Circles, help people stay connected at a time of increased anxiety and isolation as a result of the pandemic. By the start of 2021 we had 84 Circles with 2,100 members worldwide providing peer support to people living with MS. 

MS Information

Our digital information offer focuses on providing accessible, diverse and practical resources that recognise the unique challenges people face. The majority of our digital content is developed with our community members and includes inspiring blogs, recipes and exercise programs. Our website visits average 33,000 every month. In 2020, we had 1,380,471 web page views. Our recipes attracted 186,970 views, blogs – 221,050. Over 19,000 people are subscribers to our monthly newsletter.

The Overcoming MS book

The Overcoming MS book has proven over time to be a hugely popular guide for people with MS to become active participants in making decisions about their health. In 2020, we distributed 1,000 free books in the UK and Ireland, along with 1,880 e-book copies in the US.

The Living well with MS podcast

Our podcast series is one of our most popular and highly rated activities that motivate and connect people living with MS. In 2020 we produced 27 full-length episodes, interviewing various experts including scientists, fitness specialists and nutritionists. As a direct result of Covid-19, a series of shorter Coffee Break episodes were produced capturing conversations with people with MS sharing their experiences. The podcast is available on all the major podcast platforms such as iTunes and Spotify, averaging above 1,000 downloads per episode.


We have been developing a digital area on our website to host the latest research which our lifestyle interventions are based upon and that showcase the health benefits of everyday actions, including diet, exercise and stress management.

Refresh with OMS Webinar

Pre-COVID-19 we ran face-to-face events, from one-day workshops to week-long retreats. In response to the pandemic, we launched an interactive webinar program. Our first webinar series was attended by 434 people from 55 countries with 96% rating the quality of information provided as high or very high and felt better supported as a result. We anticipate developing our webinars further and that they will remain a permanent part of our information offering.