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Charlie Peel

Charlie Peel

Healthcare Partnerships Lead

Charlie leads the delivery of the healthcare engagement strategy at Overcoming MS.

She has almost 20 years of experience working in neurology from different perspectives, including stakeholder-led service development, collaborative projects across health, social care and the voluntary sector, and developing or supporting education for healthcare professionals in a variety of formats. 

Charlie is insatiably curious; constantly learning. She enjoys pulling seemingly disparate threads into a cohesive whole, and making complex ideas seem simple. She believes in the power of collaboration and sees immense value in bringing together varied perspectives, experiences and skill sets to generate new ideas and find creative solutions that can meet multiple goals.

Charlie is also passionate about effective communication. She feels strongly that improving information and education around health, wellness and lifestyle across the whole of society can have a significant impact on everyone’s health outcomes and quality of life, whilst supporting our health and care services and the professionals providing them.