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Yasmin Neves

Yas is a coach, speaker, and successful entrepreneur who is passionate about the mind-body connection.

Yas is a true people person and is often told that she doesn’t seem very HR-y. Through her diagnosis of MS, she became obsessed with the mind-body connection and began her education in personal and professional coaching. Yas learned more about how our thoughts and feelings impact our lives and how to implement changes on an unconscious level.

Today, she is a coach, speaker, and successful entrepreneur, running a multi award winning HR Consultancy, Healthy HR and working the land of her smallholding. Yas is proud to sit on the tribunal for employment claims in England and Wales. She is passionate about creating workplaces where people can bring their whole selves to work and take full responsibility for their actions, beliefs, patterns, and behaviours. Imagine a culture free from judgment where people can increase their self-awareness and work on healing themselves through self-awareness and emotional regulation.