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Photo of Yvette Sargood she is turning to gace teh camera from her shoulder up. She has a black shirt on and blonde short hair. She is standing in front of a floral background.

Yvette Sargood

MSc, MA, Bsc (Hons), FCIPD 

Yvette has been living with MS since her first symptoms appeared over 3 decades ago, though she was formally diagnosed more recently. 

Since discovering the Overcoming MS Program over 10 years ago, Yvette feels able to live more easily with her MS. Inspired by the Program, and specifically the power of mindfulness, Yvette has completed an MSc in Mindfulness at the University of Exeter and now teaches mindfulness to people with MS through different MS charities. Yvette’s day job is as a leadership coach and consultant, having spent her career working in corporate organisations, and is an advocate for addressing the underrepresentation of leaders with disabilities in senior roles. 

Yvette lives in Ascot, UK, with her husband Jurgen, and between them they have three grown-up children. She likes to keep as active as possible and has recently taken up adaptive rowing.