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Dowshan’s professional journey has been marked by his ability to drive transformative business growth, pioneer industry milestones, and lead digital innovation. His senior executive roles at blue-chip organisations such as RSA Insurance, Virgin Media, Orange and Procter & Gamble – as well as his leadership for four digital start-ups underscore his impact.

In his consulting roles, Dowshan employs a unique approach, blending cognitive diversity and creative consulting to guide organisations in enhancing customer and commercial outcomes through disruptive thinking and behavioural science, thus expanding the realm of possibilities and solutions.

Dowshan is deeply committed to the Overcoming MS community, driven by his belief and the evidence of lifestyle interventions to improve the lives of individuals with MS and other auto-immune conditions. This commitment is rooted in his prior service on the board of The MS Society and his vision for the future of healthcare.

With a foundation built on curiosity, learning, and service, coupled with his educational and professional background, Dowshan is known for driving transformative change underpinned by a compassionate commitment to the underestimated. His co-authorship of ‘Uncertainty Deconstructed’ (published by Springer) further attests to his expertise in these areas.