Bouncing back despite life’s challenges

August 14, 2017

Jo Stewart has faced many hurdles since being diagnosed with MS 10 years ago, but despite the challenges life has thrown at her, she has managed to stick to the OMS Recovery Program and recently sent us a video of her doing a back flip on a trampoline – a brilliant example of perseverance and doing whatever it takes! We asked her to share a few words…

“It was just over ten years ago, 16th February 2007, when I was told by my neurologist that I had relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis. It was a meeting that changed my life as I had known it. My first reaction was relief that I was not about to die, though after this came the true realization of what a diagnosis like RRMS meant! Searching on the internet and reading blogs from others with MS can put the fear into anybody. I had to make quick decisions to give me reassurance that everything was going to be all right.

It was Easter 2007 that I decided that following George Jelinek‘s fine example was the right thing for me. When I initially started the Recovery Program I thought, ‘Arghhh, I have to re-learn how to cook.’ But it is not that difficult really; I just had to re-think and read every product label, throwing away everything that wasn’t OMS-friendly…

Then the other waves began. All I can say is that the last 10 years have not been so kind, but the OMS way of living has given me great strength when I needed it. The second wave came when the company I was insured with, refused to pay critical illness insurance. It took two and a half years working through the Financial Ombudsmen to have this settled successfully.

Third wave, a relationship breakdown, common with those diagnosed with MS. It is true that a person changes when given this label MS. Priorities move and energies flow differently. Finally, was the tidal wave for me…losing custody of my son. I was not able to go home to New Zealand with my then 8 year old son. The hurt that this generates is so brutal.

However through it all, I have never given up, still eating 50 grams of fat a day, of which a maximum of 5 grams can be saturated. I’m now enjoying very creative meals, and have over come that flaxseed oil taste. I up my vitamin D on those low energy mornings, and enjoy 1000 mg vitamin C every morning to keep those germs away. It all works amazingly well.”

3 thoughts on ‘Bouncing back despite life’s challenges

  1. Well said… those waves… best to duck under them if you can or surf them rather than get knocked over by them but they do have a tendency to take us by surprise. Keep it up, Jo, best wishes!

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