Question: Ear pain, tender scalp

"Hi I'm experiencing left ear pain and tenderness on the left side of my face and scalp. And a slightly sore throat. Are these MS symptoms? If it persists I will see the doctor but I am wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this?"

Answers: Re: Ear pain, tender scalp

Answer: “You have a sore throat I think you just have s bug. Hopefully in a few days/week you will feel better”

Reply from author: “Thanks. I was just really sceptical because of the sensitivity on the left side of the scalp and face. My left eye also feels strained.”


Answer: “I have sent you a private message regarding your MS symptoms. I experienced the same symptoms, with the exception of a sore throat. When I got my ear checked by my Doctor and told that it was normal, warning bells went off. You may also want to private message <another user>, because he posted about a swollen thyroid gland. It may be worth exchanging notes. It may be related, or maybe not, but we cannot afford to down play these symptoms, because when we take a closer look we know they may not be normal. X”

Reply from author: “Hi, thank you. I think this might be because of a sore tooth. You know how a sore tooth can give you a bad throat and consequent ear trouble. I'm quite certain this is the reason. But I am cautious and will see a doctor if this worsens in any way. I can't imagine relapsing because my vitamin D levels are at 83ng/mL. And I'm quite spot on with my diet and exercise. Nevertheless I will take precaution if this doesn't improve soon. Thank you! I appreciate your response. And hope you're doing well! X”


Answer: “It might also be worth considering whether a cold virus your body is battling (the sore throat) could have brought on MS symptoms? Your pain being on one side only does sound rather 'MS-like', doesn't it? Since my MS became active, I have certainly found that any virus brings on a real flareup on the MS front. When I had the Norovirus a few years ago, I got terrible leg spasms and skin sensitivity to the point where i could not bear clothing touching my skin. After a recent cold, my sense of taste went completely haywire for three weeks, with virtually everything tasting really horrible and bitter (food now tastes normal again, thank goodness). Do hope you feel better soon!”

Reply from author: “Hi, thanks. I agree, the one sided symptoms do sound very MS like. Last night I applied some over the counter medicine to my inflamed gums and this morning the ear pain, scalp sensitivity and sore throat are like 80% better. I'm going to see the dentist and am hoping this is all there is to it.”


Answer: “Just wondering if you have any marks appearing on that side of your head? How long have you had the pain? I had shingles recently and it started with very painful skin on one side of my neck, and my Dad had it a few years back on his head, down the side of his face and ear. It started with very tender skin on one side of his scalp so he couldn't brush his hair, ear pain, and feeling very run down. It could, of course, be MS related, but not necessarily. I thought my shingles was MS pain initially (as I often get sensitive patches of skin) but the penny didn't drop until the blisters started to appear after a few days. Hope you feel better soon x”

Reply from author: “Thanks for the response. I don't have any marks. I had the pain for a day and I posted about it here. That night I applied some over the counter medication to the inflamed gum. I think it's my wisdom tooth that caused a lot of pain and it aggravated the entire left side of my face. The pain and sensitivity reduced significantly the next morning and today it's almost gone. Thank you and I hope you're keeping well too!”


Answer: “Hope your ear is doing better! I also had sudden ear pain last week. My GP was quick to point to a neurological cause, but a day later the pain was worse and the emergency doctor said that it was 'just' an ear infection. I got a nose spray and it started to get better in 24-48 hours. Still on the mend now, but this just goes to show not everything is because of MS, even if doctors are quick to point to it as the cause...”


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