Question: New sensory symptom - warm water effect


I've lingering generally gradually improving sensory symptoms in my legs.

The last few days I'm getting a new feeling in my lower leg - it's like warm water being poured over the shin! The first time I was carrying a cup of tea, I could have sworn that I'd spilt the tea on myself! Since then it's been happening increasingly frequently. All the other symptoms have had have felt unpleasant or hideous, but this is fine, I'm reluctant to say pleasant as I don't want to tempt fate! Anyone else had this? Is it natural variation? a relapse? (I'm not diagnosed with MS at present as I have 'only' 1 spinal legion and 2 brain ones; 50:50 chance of MS apparently).”

Answers: Re: New sensory symptom - warm water effect

“It may even be a good thing as nerves regenerate and find new pathways” - Diagnosis Dec 1998 OMS Feb 2010 Retreat Feb 2012



Yes, I often get this one. That's exactly it, like warm water running down my lower leg! Not unpleasant, not pleasant either. It often happens together with hot/cold. Usually one leg at a time will feel hot and cold and running with water. I classify symptoms into 2 major categories. Symptoms such as this one I think of as 'altered sensations' as they don't affect function of the leg. The other category is anything that escalates to affect mobility or normal functioning. Does anyone else get hot and cold together?

All the Best xx”


“Yes, I have gotten this feeling before. Happened years ago and it felt like someone was pouring hot liquid down my back. Several times I looked up at the ceiling to see where it was coming from!! I have also had it on the sides of my calves, also checking where the spilled liquid was coming from. I also get the feeling my cellphone is ringing/vibrating on various body parts!! strange....”


“Yes I also get the hot/cold feet and lower legs mixed with pins and needles but not the running water. For a couple of months, I had the sensation that someone was standing on my left foot also. It was such an ache. I am really glad that symptom has now left me. I have to say; it still amazes me when I read these posts on symptoms how weird all this must sound to non-MS people. Take care”


“I get a feeling as though liniment or something like "Deep Heat" cream has been applied to my leg... it's hot/cold, come and goes”


“Not to jack a thread, but it is related...

I'm a bit confused over the the different type of MS - a lot of literature says relapse-remitting MS has very distinct attacks and then very clear recovery - during this recovery phase to symptoms persist or do they clear up completely?

With Glenda's example, without even having MS - is it normal to have these sensory symptoms continue on, or are they supposed to 'go away' until the next attack? Thanks!”


“There is a description of the different types of MS here, although it does say that there is uncertainty around whether there are more than four distinct types of MS. I know my experience doesn't exactly fit into a particular type as I had 2 distinct but quite mild attacks a year apart with no residual symptoms between attacks, then nothing for a few years then a very very slow slide downhill into minor disability. Good news is that after 2 1/2 years following the OMS lifestyle I am seeing some remarkable improvements. “ - Diagnosis Dec 1998 OMS Feb 2010 Retreat Feb 2012


“Do we classify these symptoms as a relapse? For the last two weeks I have been getting random burning patches that sting afterwards. My other symptoms are heightened and fatigue is greater. Six weeks prior it was the warm effect but this is different”


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