Question: Whey Protein and the gym

“Hi all

I have started in the gym at the start of the year and so far I am enjoying it.

I am taking Creatine, Whey protein and BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acid) All are power

My question is, Whey is/comes from milk. Can I keep taking it or should I stop?

I have given up Milk Over 6 months ago.

FYI I got the diagnosis of MS 10th April 2012


Answers: Re: Whey Protein and the gym

“Whey protein shakes is still consuming diary so you need to stop using it, I think someone posted about a pea product.”


“Omega 3 (flaxseed oil/fish oil) increases metabolism/oxidation etc which = more energy according to Udo Erasmus' book Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill, just what you want so try that rather than the nasty and expensive whey and supplements sold at the gym. You won't need these once you have been on the Program for a while.” - Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09


“Those whey protein products cause the body harm and it is shocking the industry around them. Enjoy the gym. Oh and there are some wicked vegan body strong videos on youtube, so awesome bodies and the gymnastic bar strength!”


“I am a renal nurse and protein shakes will harm your kidneys. I used to knock them back and I could lift 68 kg ( I weigh about 67kg now!) Now I have stopped taking those shakes I lift 45kg and I am just as toned as I used to be. Take Care”


“I give my son ( and take it myself from time to time ) the product called CLEAN LEAN PROTEIN by Nuzest. .Made in Belgium.

It's 100 % vegetable protein and contains all 9 essential amino acids.

It comes in different flavours. I don't trust the chocolate flavour so I take the "natural" one.

Would the same apply to this product Lizzienphil? If so, I should stop it for myself and my son.

My son ( he doesn't have M.S. ) use to get bad cramps after working out, but since he started on this he hasn't had one! He's a lot less stiff the following day too.

Pretty impressive as he works out 5 times per week.It has helped him to gain weight gradually too.

I am still experimenting with it, but I do find it gives me more stamina when I have had a very challenging day involving an intense work-out and left hungering for calories all day long.

Love and light”


Reply from the author: “WOW. Thanks. I am stunned by the great responses. I weigh about 111kg and want to get down to 90kg. I have lost 22kg in a year. There is soya protein that is like the Whey is that ok? I am taking BCAA, Amino energy and Creatiene should I stop?

Is all the stuff I have mentioned in this post and the last one. Are they ok for people without MS or is us Cool Kats that should not take it.

Thanks again.”



It is important to take care regarding how much protein you eat. We have been brainwashed to believe it is the be all and end all - it isn't. If your diet is balanced - and the OMS diet is - then you shouldn't need to supplement. I am living proof of this! My biceps are HUGE! I recommend you read The China Study by T Colin Campbell. The OMS bible draws heavily on this book and it was a life changer for me.

Best regards”


“...... you need guidance in the early days, but when you have been on the program for years the better you understand your body and what it responds to.

Good luck following the program Barry and I am sure that you will enjoy the lifestyle.

Love and light”


“Interesting comment from our renal nurse that protein shakes harm kidneys. Professor Jelinek does say that the only supplements we need are essential fatty acids, vitamin D and B12, and that we will get everything else we need from food.” - Diagnosis Dec 1998 OMS Feb 2010 Retreat Feb 2012


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