If you're looking for support from others living with MS, or you want to join a community of like-minded people to ask questions, get advice and give support to others, check out the links below for ways to connect with others and find out useful information.

If you've used the Overcoming MS Forum in the past, you may notice that it has now closed. We found that over time it was becoming less useful for our community and so we introduced our app, the Live Well Hub, to give you an up-to-date, friendly and supportive space to ask questions and connect with the community.

Join the Live Well Hub

The Overcoming MS app is where you can connect with the whole community or with your Circle. It's a safe, friendly and supportive space to ask questions and get advice from a huge group of people living well with MS.

Read our FAQs

If you have a question or you're looking for specific information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions, these cover topics across all the Overcoming MS program pillars and are full of useful advice.

Join a Circle

Haven't joined a Circle yet? Circles are our support groups, run by our amazing volunteer Ambassadors they are a great way to connect with a group of people in your local area, or interested in the same topics as you.