All about OMS Ambassadors

We have closed applications for new Ambassadors for now so that we can collaborate better with our existing Ambassadors to further empower and support our community.


Why have we closed applications for new Ambassadors?

The results of the recent OMS Engagement Survey, supported by feedback received by our Community Engagement Co-ordinator, have highlighted the need for us to improve the way we engage with and support our community. Taking the difficult decision to press pause on new Ambassador applications allows us to focus on working with our existing Ambassadors to identify areas for improvement and build on what's already working well.

In the meantime, you can still join an existing OMS Circle.

Who are OMS Ambassadors?

OMS Ambassadors provide a touchpoint for people who follow the OMS program, helping them to make lifestyle changes and connect with other OMSers. They are also people living well with MS who’ve experienced the positive impacts of following the OMS program, so they know that committing to each step can sometimes feel challenging. OMS Ambassadors therefore offer support, information, and encouragement by creating and leading local groups, known as OMS Circles. 

OMS Ambassadors organise local events and meetups, identify and introduce new people to the OMS program, liaise between the OMS charity and their Circle, and also act as advocates to raise awareness of the benefits of OMS across their wider community.

How do you become an OMS Ambassador?

We are not currently accepting new applications. Please come back in 2022 when we will welcome new Ambassadors once again.