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OMS Global Dinner Party, New York May 20

By Marilyn McArthur on May 26, 2016

The party’s over, but I am still energized by the OMS Global Dinner Party that Ingrid Adelsberger, OMS Cookbook editor, hosted in Manhattan on May 20. It was the first Global MS Dinner Party in the US, and it won’t be the last. Now I see how OMS in the US will continue to grow: powered by OMSers, their families and friends – just like Ingrid’s party

Lady and child walking beside pond

Win the Flaxseed Oil Fight

By Jill Worth on May 23, 2016

I hate flaxseed oil. I have a choice, of course. I don’t have to use it. But I follow OMS, and Professor Jelinek recommends 20mls or more daily

Luke Johnson

Strength in authenticity

By Luke Johnson on May 19, 2016

I can’t trace the origin, but I grew up with this sense of foreboding. Though I was a happy kid, I had this expectation that something physical or maybe existential would befall me. My reaction was probably an unconscious one: I exercised religiously, took up boxing, read philosophy, identified with survivor stories, probably all to be ready

Rachel Hogg 228

Slow and steady wins the race

By Rachel Hogg on May 12, 2016

A common question raised on the OMS forum is ‘how long will it take?’ How long before I start to see results of the lifestyle changes taking effect? How long until I am ‘cured’?

Anneloes van Iwaarden

What the Uhthoff?

By Anneloes van Iwaarden on May 12, 2016

Ever heard of something called Uhthoff’s phenomenon? No? What about Uhthoff’s sign? Well, I for one wasn’t familiar with either concept. But ask me what happens to my MS symptoms when temperatures rise, and I can give you a detailed description of Uhthoff’s phenomenon without even batting an eye