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My hope is indefatigable

By Web Editor on February 8, 2016

Diagnosed with MS in 2003, I took Copaxone and then Rebif for years as prescribed by my doctor, as well as got periodic MRIs. With minor symptoms, I never missed a dose, my doctor recommended nothing more, and I did not ask

Ingrid Adelsberger, Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis cookbook editor

OMS Cookbook update

By Ingrid Adelsberger on January 29, 2016

OMS Cookbook editor Ingrid Adelsberger updates OMSers on how the recipe-testing is going and how the forthcoming book is shaping up

OMS blog author Ashley Madden

Looking in the Right Places

By Ashley Madden on January 24, 2016

One day of Googling was enough to make me swear off ‘multiple sclerosis’ internet searches for life. And this was only the day after my diagnosis. So I did what I was told and felt a little powerless with my diagnosis for almost three years

OMS blogger Elzina Leur

Running with MS

By Elzina Leur on January 13, 2016

“Running is impossible with Primary Progressive MS (PPMS).” These are my words two-and-a-half years ago, just after the diagnosis, walking slowly, with dropfoot…

Close up of broken chain links

Overcoming fear

By Maya Gaskell on January 5, 2016

Like many others I am sure, my diagnosis brought with it my first experience of true fear. I discovered that my fear doesn’t lie in my stomach, but at the base of my spine

OMSer Helen Shaul

Cinderella’s Story – a real life fairytale!

By Helen Shaul on December 28, 2015

My first inkling of MS came in 2001 when I had a pain behind one eye. The pain developed over a few days and a horrible darkness started to creep up from one corner