Thanksgiving Recipes

November 7, 2018


We’ve searched high and low for some OMS friendly Thanksgiving recipes to wow your guests.

Replacing Turkey doesn’t mean something dry and boring! We’ve included fish and plant based options along with all the sides you can think of.

Just a warning, Tofurky and the Quorn equivalent both contain rapeseed oil so are not suitable if you are following the OMS program. Nut roasts often have egg, cheese, oil or butter so again are tricky to find.


This soup is perfect to make ahead (minus the olive oil) and then heat up on the day. Full of flavour and containing lots of vegetables.


Soup image



This delicious, easy-to-prepare baked salmon in a maple syrup and mustard sauce comes straight out of the OMS Cookbook – be sure to give it a try!

To make this more of a showstopper use a  3-5 lb side of salmon side on a big platter which will serve approx  people. You might need to increase cooking time per pound of salmon

The salmon in the picture below is 1.5 lb which is recommended to serve 5 people or 3 big eaters.


Vegan main

Spiced Roasted Cauliflower


Including: Mexican corn on the cob, roasted veg platter, dinner rolls, gravy, mashed potato, Brussels sprouts

We’ve written a new Mexican corn on the cob recipe which is quick, easy and full of flavour.



To make your roast veg more a showstopper, you can get shallot, pickled baby beetroot, baby turnips, and chantenay orange, white and purple carrots and cherry tomatoes on the vine.

veg platter

You can use a maple and balsamic vinegar glaze but baste with water half way through cooking.

Make our festive dressing to go with it and pour over at the end for a really festive flavour.


salsa and veg platter

We’ve also found some extra recipes on other sites to

  • Mashed potato recipe from Go Dairy Free.
  • Gravy without oil or dairy on Simple Vegan Blog.
  • Dinner rolls – fat free, oil free and vegan from Eat Your Heart Out Edibles.
  • Cranberry Sauce – many cranberry sauces are OMS friendly so take a look in the store or online recipes.
  • Brussels Sprouts – simply steam or boil and you are ready to go.



This OMS-friendly ‘chocolate’ pumpkin cake is rich and full of flavor.

chocolate vegan cake

An alternative dessert recipe from OMSer My Notes in New England is this delicious spiced red wine poached pear recipe.


3 thoughts on ‘Thanksgiving Recipes

  1. “Great Newsletter-Great recipes-I attended the Ammerdown retreat this year-
    -We had a lengthy discussion about the diet -particularly “THE OILS”.We were informed that if the oil was named ie rapseed sunflower-it was okay-(WITH THE EXEPTION OF PALM OIIL/COCONUT OIL-WHICH IS NOT OKAY UNDER ANY CIRCS)
    We were told that VEGETABLE OIL was a – NO-NO-because it has many nasty oils added(disguised) to it under this heading.
    We were told we would still need to look at the saturated fat of any recipe.
    I thought I was clear about this now but your comment about rapeseed oil in Torfurky and Quorn not being compliant with OMS has confused my understanding of what I LEARNED at the retreat.
    Please could you clarify so I know whats what
    Many Thanks

    • Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for you feedback and I’m glad you like our recipes.

      In answer to you question – in preparing the meat alternative it’s likely the oil has been heated and you would also need to cook before serving, it’s more in the heating of the oil than the oil itself.

      Hope this helps,


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