7 Steps to Overcoming MS Event – Belfast

riddel hall - overcoming ms event - belfast

We ran our first-ever event in Northern Ireland on Sunday 29th April 2018.

This comprehensive, one day presentation focussed on the seven steps of the OMS Recovery Program, namely:

  1. Diet
  2. Sun & Vitamin D
  3. Exercise
  4. Meditation & Mindfulness
  5. Medication
  6. Prevent family members from getting MS
  7. Do Whatever it Takes

Whatever your level of knowledge, it was a great opportunity to get a better understanding about the OMS Recovery Program.

Those in attendance left feeling inspired and informed, with the experience giving them an even better understanding of the Recovery Program, leading to better health and wellbeing.

This event was aimed at those who:

  • were newly diagnosed and wanted a warm and friendly introduction to the OMS Program
  • wanted to meet other people with MS following the OMS Program
  • were already following the OMS Program, but wanted to delve deeper into some aspects of the OMS lifestyle
  • wanted to maximize healing and well-being, increasing awareness of lifestyle modification and self-help techniques

The program was beneficial not only for those diagnosed with MS, but also for partners and carers of people with MS.

Doors opened at 8:30 am with registration and refreshments. The actual program started at 9:30 am and finished at 5:30 pm.

About the venue

Riddel Hall was founded in 1913 as a residence for female students at Queen’s University thanks to a donation of £25,000 by Eliza and Isabella Riddel. These days it is home to Queen’s University Management School, the William J Clinton Leadership Institute, the Institute of Directors (IOD) and the Northern Ireland Centre for Pharmacy, Learning and Development (NICPLD).


The building is fully accessible for wheelchairs. 


Our presenters for the 7 Steps to Overcoming MS Event – Belfast were:

Dr Conor Kerley - OMS Event Facilitator

Dr Conor Kerley

Conor was diagnosed with MS in 2003 at the age of 15. Faced with a bleak outlook, Conor began searching for evidence supporting dietary and lifestyle interventions to better manage his health. Inspired by his own journey, Conor went on to pursue a career in human nutrition and dietetics with the hope of helping others. Read his full biography here.


Johnny White AMEX 2017 -300x300Dr Jonathan White 

Jonathan is a Obstetrician and Gynaecologist living in Belfast with his wife and young son. He was diagnosed with MS in 2015 and began following the OMS Recovery Program almost immediately. Jonathan loves running and other outdoor activity and is a regular fundraiser for OMS. Read his full biography here.



Phil Startin OMS Event Facilitator Phil Startin

Phil is a mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) practitioner living in Arrochar, Scotland. Phil was diagnosed with PPMS in 2007 and began following OMS in 2011. He has presented on mindfulness at previous OMS events and was the plenary keynote speaker at the AMEX 2017: 7 Steps to Overcoming MS Event held in Brighton. Read his full biography here.


All three of these facilitators also previously presented at the AMEX 2017: 7 Steps to Overcoming MS Event held in Brighton in October 2017.

April 29, 2018


  1. Riddel Hall
  2. 185 Stranmillis Road
  3. Belfast
  4. Ulster
  5. BT9 5EE

Ticket Prices

  • All-inclusive ticket

    Tickets include an OMS-friendly lunch, refreshments throughout the day and access to all presentations.

    Sorry, there are no tickets of this type available.