The Marathon in Many Bites

Marathon In Many Bites

Now anyone can take on a marathon challenge for OMS, with the OMS Marathon in Many Bites.

So strap on the running shoes, pull up your walking socks or get on your bike! However you complete your marathon in many bites you’ll be able to get fit, achieve a marathon and raise money so that we can spread hope to other people facing a diagnosis of MS.

What can I do to take part? You can run, walk, swim, or bike. All you need to do is try and rack up 26 miles through your chosen activity.

When can I do it? You could do a small distance every day in March or you could do it all in one day as part of a group effort. You choose the time according to your pace.

Where can I do it? Anywhere – the park, local pool, or on your street.

Who can take part? Anyone! You don’t have to cover the whole distance in one go, you can break it down into manageable chunks. You can even do as part of a team effort, sharing out the distance between you all.

How will my efforts Overcome MS? You’ll be overcoming MS in more ways than one. Firstly exercise is a key pillar of the OMS program, so you’ll be doing it for your health. Secondly all the sponsorship you collect as part of your efforts will make a huge difference to the work we can do. It will mean we can spread hope to more people who are being diagnosed with MS and provide them with free resources and support, so that they too can take control of their health and overcome this potentially devastating disease.

Register for your free pack

This pack contains lots of tips and ideas on taking part, as well as useful resources to make your Marathon in Many Bites truly epic. To send us an email for your free fundraising pack, please click the most relevant link below:

If you’re in the UK, please click here

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If you’re in the USA, please click here

If you live in another country but would still like to take part, email us on [email protected]

Keep us updated on your Marathon in Many Bites on social media by using the hashtag #BitesizeMarathon!


March 1, 2018
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