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In this short film, Andy McKenna explores the Tweed Valley with first-time mountain biker Jonny White. Cyclist, husband, father, doctor and fellow MSer, Jonny balances all these things with his role as medical advisor at Overcoming MS. The Overcoming MS Program promotes a positive lifestyle and helps people with MS live long, healthy lives, which is a lifestyle Andy and Jonny are thankful to have found.

In the workshop, on the trails and over the finest cup of trailside coffee, the pair talk about some of the ways they manage the disabling effects of MS, the lessons MS has taught them, and the realisation that what they’ve learned may be equally important to everyone, not just those affected by multiple sclerosis.

Jonny and Andy are who they are because of MS and the outlook, lifestyle changes and holistic strategies that Overcoming MS has helped them realise. More than simply a pill or an injection, their lives are shaped - and they believe saved - by a set of changes that help the healing power of the mind and body to work together.

We are so grateful to Andy for shining a light on the Overcoming MS Program through this powerful film.


“I want to remind people with MS to hold onto their passions”

Hear more from Andy, creator of the short film, about what went on behind the scenes.

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