Overcoming MS Advocacy in Action

During 2022, we will develop resources to support people with MS and their families advocate for the benefits of the OMS program. We also aim to spread awareness and understanding of the OMS program among healthcare professionals. 

Our model of advocacy works on three levels, each of which is interlinked: 

Self Advocacy  

- people with MS advocating on behalf of themselves, based on their lived experience of MS and of the OMS program  

Peer Advocacy 

- people with MS supporting and advocating for each other 

Collective Advocacy 

- OMS working as an organisation and community to influence healthcare professionals and systems 

This work is informed by the OMS Advocacy Group of community members. The group meets regularly to discuss ideas and help develop advocacy policy and resources. Meet the members of the group here.

To hear more about OMS Advocacy, listen to our podcast with Advocacy Trustees, Allie and Helen, in conversation with Geoff Allix.

Want to get involved? Fill out this short form to register your interest for the group.