George Jelinek interviewed on Barb Adams Show

November 22, 2016

During the the recent US Tour, OMS Founder George Jelinek spoke to Barb Adams on her live radio show. Barb Adams has MS. In this interview George speaks about his background, MS and the OMS program.

2 thoughts on ‘George Jelinek interviewed on Barb Adams Show

  1. This is an excellent podcast however largely RRMS…what about PPMS? Can there be more information about OMS (reversing symptoms) with this diagnosis?

  2. Hi Tracey

    Thanks for the comment. I often don’t distinguish much between relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) and progressive forms of MS, as we don’t really do that in our research studies. Some data indicate that primary progressive MS (PPMS), where people with MS steadily develop worsening disability right from the start of the illness, usually without obvious relapses, has some features that make some neurologists consider it almost a separate disease process from RRMS. However, the bulk of the prevention literature, such as Swank’s study and including ours, suggests that the lifestyle approaches we advocate are helpful in PPMS as well as RRMS. In all our papers, where we report lifestyle associations with health outcomes, we do so for all people with MS, regardless of type, except where we report relapse rates, which clearly don’t apply in PPMS. In our papers, we adjust for level of disability, so we know that the potential benefits of, for example, healthy diet, exercise, and not smoking, apply to everyone with MS regardless of their level of disability.

    Hope that helps

    Be well


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