Stories of Hope

OMS VIdeos - Stories of hope

Overcoming MS has brought the hope of a better, healthier life to thousands of people around the world.

In our Stories Of Hope video series, we introduce you to just some of those people. This is a selection of personal journeys, spanning the initial shock of diagnosis to the discovery of hope, taking control and overcoming multiple sclerosis.

Click on any name from the menu below to hear a unique story – among them all, there is a very common theme: there is hope.



Richard talks about his PPMS diagnosis and how finding the OMS Program has improved his symptoms.

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Australia, OMSer since 2007

Anthony Mennillo who is healthier than ever after over 8 years on OMS ran the 2016 New York Marathon in aid of OMS, raising over AUD 150,000.

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England, OMSer since 2012

“There is a community of people that I’m attached to now, who are as healthy as me and every time I see them, they seem better than they were the last time I saw them.”

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England, OMSer since 2013

When I arrived at the event after driving down there in the morning, I was in tears. I walked in to the hall and it was zimmer frames and walking sticks…

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Wales, OMSer since 2013

“My experience of the OMS Program is it hasn’t just given me my life back, it’s given me a much better life than I had before.”

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England, OMSer since 2013

Watch Chris’ video interview on his multiple sclerosis diagnosis and his response to the Overcoming MS Recovery Program.

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