Ask Sam - Your Opportunity to speak to a qualified nutritionist about the Overcoming MS Diet

Welcoming back, qualified Nutritional Therapist and Overcoming MS Facilitator Sam Josephs, giving you the opportunity to ask her your questions about following the Overcoming MS Diet.

Key highlights:

00:01 Managing MS through diet and lifestyle.
04:14 MS diet, habits, and supplements with a registered nutritional therapist.
11:12 MS diet limitations and healthy snack options.
18:38 Vegan diet, protein shakes, and cooking methods for managing multiple sclerosis.
27:36 Gut health, diet, and osteoporosis management.
31:42 Diet and immune system for multiple sclerosis.
37:41 Nutrition and diet for multiple sclerosis management.
44:14 Foods that promote myelin sheath health and cognitive function.
49:56 Healthy eating for MS prevention and management.
54:35 Plant-based milk alternatives and sugar consumption.
1:02:18 Diet and lifestyle for multiple sclerosis management.
1:09:19 Diet and nutrition for menopause and MS.
1:15:49 MS research and treatment with experts.

Read the episode transcript here.

This webinar was recorded on the 21st November 2023 as part of our Finding Hope with Overcoming MS - Webinar series - Season 4.