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Hi Rose

Thank you. She was 83 when she was tested in November and has been taking 6000 since. She will be tested again in February and I will really try to convince her to keep her levels up.

Whenever the ms nurse asks we get a tut tut and that she should only be taking 2000 which surprised me. I'd have thought they would have at least said 4000.
Yes they don't seem to agree but we know better!
Remember specialists are owned by drug companies. It's all money driven.
They don't support professor Jelinek' s program because there is no money in it for them.
Rose xx

With regards to Vit D, its importance in tackling MS is something that is only just being recognised by mainstream medicine (here in the UK in any case).

However, the UK doctors will have to follow certain guidelines as to what is deemed 'safe'. When I was first tested for Vit D, I was at 23nmol/L, which was below low, even by 'normal' medicine standards. My GP gave me a mega dose which boosted my levels.

My understanding of Vit D (certainly in people with MS) is that the body does not store it, which is why we need to constantly keep topped up, particularly here in the UK with our lack of sun.

I recently had to go into hospital and whilst there, the doctors tested my Vit D. I was at 140nmol/L which they deemed to be 'high'. As we know, Prof J suggests higher.

Bear in mind that I live in the UK (had the test in winter) and have an office job - my level was 'only' 140 and I supplement 10,000 iu of Vit D most days.

It is possible to buy home test kits online (monitored by a Birmingham hospital I think), and Vit D in higher doses is also available online, so this is something you can monitor yourself, without the need for GP intervention.

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