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Hi, I am not a OMSer mmm Yet, I follow on Facebook and Instagram and wonder why the WAHLS PROTOCAL gets more success comments/story's than the OMS, I eat meat and limit my grain and gluten intake.
I do progressively get worse I have PPMS and do need this I guess, I have just read a blog on here and she says people cant tell you to change you YOU need to change, Oh and my wife likes meat so I do find it difficult. ;)
The key thing about OMS is that it's evidence based and it's a non-profit charity. The book has a vast amount of research behind it and all the findings are fully referenced. The book is free in some parts of the world and all the website resources are free. Pretty much every other protocol involves cost to you. The Wahls protocol involves buying the book and paying a monthly subscription to go on the website.

I'm convinced that OMS will suggest the best path no matter what it is. If that's taking DMDs, then fine, if that's going paleo, also fine. Current evidence suggests wholefood plant based diet plus fish, vitamin D, mindfulness, exercise, and DMDs on a case-by-case basis, but if evidence comes out to the contrary, then I have no doubt that OMS will change its advice.
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Hi Geoff Allix, yes I have the books and was sent them FOC, I just wounded why people on the program getting good results didn't want to SHOUT IT OUT ? like they do on the WAHLS DIET ?
Hi Adie (if you're still following this in 2019 lol)
The thing with the whole dietary thing in the management of MS is really all about wjhat works for your individual body.
As I'm sure you know, every person has their own individual version of Multiple Sclerosis - no one has exactly the same progression, or symptoms, or experience, or solutions.......so, it's really about choosing the diet which works for YOU.
I stay away from the Wahls diet because too much of it includes approaches and foods which don't suit my stomach's abilities. lol
I have followed the BBD (Best Bet Diet) since finding it in 2007/8 and it fits my body's wants and needs like a glove. It is 'Scientifically' proven too - it just doesn't get any media push - its details can be found online....no cost to anyone to get the details or to follow it.
http://www.direct-ms.org/wp-content/upl ... atment.pdf - you can find hundreds of recipes for it, and all the information at direct ms, on facebook, or through just doing your research. :)
It's just another option for you and I hope it helps. It is very restrictive but people find that shifting their dietary focus to the foods allowed really makes a huge difference for their lives.
Good luck with your search and I really hope you find what fits YOUR body's needs.
Rachael :D
Thanks Rachaelmt for your input.
Hi Adie

after 7 (relapse free!) years following OMS I can vouch for the fact that there are indeed many many people feeling the benefits.
Once you start to notice those stories and connect with those people you will see them everywhere, and also find a huge amount of motivation and support. There are a lot of testimonials on the OMS website, as well as the book "Recovering From Multiple Sclerosis: Real life stories of hope and inspiration" if you feel the need for inspiration!

One of the greatest aspects of OMS for me, is the shared, open mindset, the supportive OMS community and positive approach to managing MS. We are all respectful of other people's journey though - we all start at different places and experience different challenges.
I hope you find the support and motivation you need and I'm sure OMS can bring you a great deal of hope and support!
best wishes :)
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Hi there,
I did so much research on both before I began. I too am having success on OMS. The deciding factor for me was that the whole food, plant based diet is also protective against heart disease, diabetes, obesity where the Whals diet is not proven to be. The research behind eating a whole food plant based diet goes well beyond OMS. If you watch the documentary Forks Over Knives you will likely be sold on it.

I think the Whals diet gets more attention because the meat and egg industry will not be harmed by it. That makes it less controversial but nonetheless, quite extreme. And, without a doubt, Dr. Whals got amazing results.

Give yourself time and look far and wide into both. Meanwhile follow the guidelines they both share....absolutely no dairy, eat load of vegetables and colourful fruit, drink water, exercise, meditate and stay optimistic. You’ll find your way.
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