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HI every one,

First of, let me start by saying that this post is not intented to mean that Jelinek's protocol does not work. I did not try it long enough (1 year) to judge it.

However, three years after my MS diagnosis back in 2011, when I was getting very, very bad, and after spending another full year trying the OMS protocol and not experiencing any improvements (actually was getting worse), I decided to study the disease. I mean, study it, seriously.

I joined a neurology university degree, along with a professional training on neurobiology, specialised on effects of toxics on human cells.

Don't wanna bore you with the details of my long and intense journey, but I ended up understanding the true reason for this diesease: Mercury.

Yes, mercury. Probably none of you have ever heard about this, otherwise you would have already looked into it, and would have, at least, raise the subject here.


I have seen this my self at the lab.

Ok, this does not mean we don't have some sort of anomaly that makes our own cells attack ourselfs, destroying mielin in the process, right? It just means mercury does that. Sure.

But then I start investigating and analysing all sources of mercury that we consume every day. Food, vaccines… I found this poison is every where.

So then I think, well, how can I test this on my own body? And the answer is, first, testing my cells to check mercury levels, as well as other potentially damaging heavy metals.

I did the test, and boom. I was full of mercury.

Next step was to start a protocol to remove it, something that I have to say, is extremely painful, long, and requires loads of patience and Will power.

Anyway, I finished the clean up. My last test shows mínimum amounts of mercury compared to the first one.

How have this affected my condition? Well, in four words, I'm back to normal. Zero sympthoms. I don't know if you know my story, but I posted it long time ago here.

Not only removing the mercury was needed to heal fully. I also got to understand how our body Works, how methabolism Works, how hormones work, how inmune cells work, and I could only end yp concluding the following: The mediterranean diet is a lie, sugar is oue enemy, and sat fat is our friend.

I could attach here tons of link that would give you living proof os why a diest based on fat and protein is really the best way to become healthy, but I won't do that now, not unless some of you show some interest, cause I suspect that as soon as you start Reading something that does not support OMS, you will close the browser. I understand that, OMS is your only hope (you think), but what if I tell you, you could not be more wrong?

I don't have a scientific explanation to reason why Jelinek's low fat diet benefited his patients in the short term, but if I have to guess, I'd say that that lipogénesis ended up producing more fat from carbs in the low fat patients, tan on the high fat ones, and therefore they managed to rebuild some more myelin the other group couldn't.

- Myelin is basically fat (70%) and protein (the remaining bit) and it can be repaired. (Yes. it can be repaired, I'm the living proof). How are you going to rebuild myelin, if all you give to your body is sugar? (Yes, those tons of Green things you eat end up all converting into glucose). Some of you may say: "But your body converts excess glucose into fat !!", and I would then ask, "Isn't the whole Jelinek protocol about avoiding fat? Cause you are not doing that !!". In any case,

- Myelin also requires massive amounts of minerals (in a balanced manner), to allow the body to rebuild it. Copper is specially important, since this is a cofactor in phospholipids, which are the basic component of the myelin sheath.

- Calcium (+2000 mg per day). This is, probably, the first most important mineral for us.

- Cholesterol: Basic compound for health in general, and extremely important for us. Again, plays a vital role in myelin rebuild. I ask you, where is the colesterol in Jelinek`s diet? This is probably the worst treated compound ever. Almost everybody think nowdays that colesterol is bad, that the less you have the better for your health. Could not be more wrong.

If want to know more, feel free to ask, but please, keep your mind open. What I'm giving you here it's hope, not the opposite. Try to think critically, and logically.

Be well.
Interesting how the diet works for some and not others. Glad to here you are doing well. I've tried the paleo/autoimmune protocol type diets. I've tried OMS and I'm currently trying something else. I think you have to find what works for you. For me it's more an autoimmune problem rather than a blood flow one. Whether his diet works or not personally I'm happy the Doc and his crew are here to be honest, seem like nice people to me and it's a great forum too.
I'm not saying they are not great, but what are you here for? To meet great people? of to find a healing protocol? Cause you Will not find the latter here, I can totally assure you that. It may help. It may even stop relapses for some people, but this Will only be temporary, cause once again, you are not fixing the root cause of your disease. As long as you don't treat the mercury issue, you Will never truly heal.

Anyone thinking I'm talking rubish, I dare you to get tested. I'm 1000% sure ALL of you Will show high mercury.
So interesting to read your story, It's so important to know about people like you who beat ms! I know there's a way for me, gonna keep looking till i find it.
I'd love to hear more about the role of fat and protien in diet, its always seemed pretty odd to me , the no fat in the oms diet.

...I'm not sure that everyone on these forums are as massively into the oms way and nothing else as you might think. I find it really interesting along with several other approachs, and take bits from various places. Part of the benefit of oms for me is this forum where you can see other people's experiences with all kinds of alternative health methods. I'll try anything to get better!
Just a reminder that the OMS program is not a NO fat approach. it is a low saturated fat.

We eat oily fish, flaxseed oil, avocados and nuts in moderation. All of these things have good fats and saturated fat.

If you are interested on more info on fats read Fats That Heal Fats That Kill.
https://www.bookdepository.com/Fats-Tha ... mrEALw_wcB.
A library usually has it. It goes into the nitty gritty and explais how fats work in the body. It is facinating and I learned that our bodies actually can make saturated fat if needed.

The main thing we have to do is give it the best basic ingredients and avoid eating the nasties.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Dear RaveCR,
I am finding your post problematic. On one hand I understand the necessity that this forum also accomodates dissenting opinions, because we all need to remain open minded and we all need to question our beliefs critically. On the other hand I regret that you are spreading doubt and confusion, esp. among the newbies, when doubt might not be really justified and there is not sufficient evidence to back the rejection of OMS recommendations.
The OMS recommendations are all well researched and evidence based. The studies are all referenced in the end notes of the OMS book. If new studies are being published that suggest revision of recommendations, you will learn of these studies in the “Latest” section of the OMS website. In the past, recommendations were being changed due to new findings (e. g. the recommendation switched from using fish oil for the Omega-3-supply to using flaxseed oil right from the start). I am, therefore, confident, that future new findings will be considered by OMS as well.
For stating opinions contrary to OMS recommendations in this forum – like, I quote from your post, “sat fat is your friend” or that we could “not be more wrong” than setting our hopes on the OMS program – you should present the evidence. By evidence, I mean, studies (full bibliographic reference, please!), not just links to some website or a YouTube video. You will not be boring us! Just stating, that you have studied the subject, is not enough. Your personal experience (getting worse during your one year on OMS, getting better after your had stopped OMS) certainly is not no-evidence, but it is not more than anecdotal evidence, the weakest form of evidence: just one personal experience, perhaps pure chance. Your getting better (and I am glad, you did get better, and I congratulate you on being symptom-free!) could be due to the detoxification or to your change of diet or to some other factor (time? the regenerative power of your body? less stress and unhappiness? more happiness?).
No one in this forum will be advocating for sugar! Everybody knows that mercury is bad for the brain!
Other things that you are writing seem to me to be misguided or incomprehensible.
1) Veggies (“Yes, those tons of Green things you eat”) are not sugar! They are packed with vitamins and other nutrients, they contain fiber and, yes, they also contain carbohydrates. But the equation carbs = glucose = sugar is not legitimate. It is the added sugar that is harmful, not the carbs in vegetables. The fiber and the resistant starch in veggies allow our gut bacteria to build beneficial short-chain fatty acids like butyrate and propionate. Thus, the greens do not end up being completely converted into glucose (I would like to refer you to the videos of Dr. Michael Greger on his website https://nutritionfacts.org, where you can find the relevant studies to each video, when you click on “sources cited” below the video.)
2) As far as I am informed, cholesterol can be synthesized in our body. It is necessary for our health, yes, but we do not need to eat it in our diet, since the body can form it on its own. You are asking “where is the cholesterol in Jelinek’s diet”? But, if there is no need for cholesterol intake?
3) “Isn’t the whole Jelinek protocol about avoiding fat?” you are asking. No! The OMS diet is not about avoiding fat, but about avoiding saturated fat. We are eating 20-40 ml flaxseed oil daily, we are eating nuts, we are eating whole grains.
4) The pwMS who experience stability or improvement on the OMS diet (and there are many, as is testified by the posts in this forum and the “stories of hope” of the website), usually do not “benefit in the short term”, as you are writing, but, as can be gathered from the posts in this forum and from the HOLISM studies, long term.
5) I fail to get your point, when you hypothesize about why OMS diet may lead to “short term benefit”. Is your theory, that due to the low-sat-fat diet in OMS the liver has to synthesize the fat that is needed for myelin repair and that this liver-produced fat is more abundant than the fat derived from a high-fat-diet? And therefore beneficial “short term”? This doesn’t make sense to me. I do not understand this hypothesis.
I am really trying to think critically and logically. That’s why you have not succeeded in convincing me.
While I was writing my post, Kashu has already replied and stated the main point much more succinctly.
Best wishes
Hi both,

Actually, I could not agree more with you.

The big issue here, is that my theory is not backed up on ANY study. There is no single randomised study that has properly tested the effects of mercury removal along with mineral balancing in people with MS. Max you Will find is a couple of analysis or meta-analysis on effects dental amlgams (which slowly reléase mercury) in people with MS, and they all conclude there is no relationship between mercury and MS.

So, how can I convince you of a theory that has not scientific evidence to support it? Well, I simply can't.

But wouldn't you feel obligated, to at least post it, when you know it's just the truth? That's how I feel.

I cannot back this up with studies, but I can back it up with people. I mean, tons of people with MS (and not only MS, basically any sort of so called auto inmune issues), that finally end up beating the disease by removing toxic metals and balancing their bio chemistry.

Psoriasis, Lyme, Chron's, Reumatoid artritis... It all really starts de same way. Deranged mineral transport mechanism due to presence of heavy metals. This is the reason why MS is such a crazy desease, where you almost can't find the same sympthom across two different persons.

On your points, I Will try to reply back:

1. Veggies: "They are packed with vitamins and other nutrients, they contain fiber and, yes, they also contain carbohydrates". They are packed with vitamins and other nutrients, and also with toxic substances. Think about this: How would you defend yourself from predators, if you could not move? Vegetables (which are not all "bad", but its as simple as, our body never needed vegetables to be healthy), have ALL their own specific toxics, but mass media Will never tell you that. There is a big industry behind veggies which started long ago, when they realised it was a much more profitable business than meat. Fiber is one of the biggest nutrition lies in our history. First of all, do you know why you need fiber? Its just to counteract all the bad bacteria that builds up in your intestine due to the amounts of carbs being digested from veggies. Fiber IS NOT required for health. Try going veggie and fiber free for six months, and you Will experience this yourself. Again, no study to back this up, but think about it. How did the human vean evolved to what it is today? Did he do it eating veggies or fruits? NO. He did eat eating bones, organs and meat. In other words, he did it eating tons of sat fat (which includes colesterol), protein and minerals.

2. You are right colesterol can be built by the body on demand. What you don't know is that your body mechanisms (hormones) that are used to trigger the different processes to build materials are deranged due to toxic fmetals. In other words, your body does not know whether it should really build colesterol, phospholipids, or even fatty acids. This is why eating tons of it at the beginning is basic for healing.

3. You are right here. It's just that I got so used to working with animal sat fat, that when I say fat I just mean animal saturated fat, and this is not part of Jelinke's other that occasional fish inatke.

4. I have seen many people here that spend a couple of years well, and then they relapse again. This is not healing. This is short term stabiility. In any case, the body is not mathematic, biochemistry is so complex that Jelinke's may work for some, depending on the levels of toxic metals they have. However this Will only "hide" the issue, but it is not being fixed really.

5. Again, you liver would know how much fat to produce if your methabolims wasn't totally screwed. This is one of the key points. All these theories are based on proper body function, but someone with MS does not have proper body function.

To finish it up, I'll just raise a question: How did humans manage to evolve eating ZERO veggies, if they are so good and required by our bodies? How can you explain that disease-free cultures have been, and are, those that don't eat veggies or fruits as part of their diet?
I'm always open to other ways to manage MS but I also feel that this post may be confusing for people new to MS and the forum.
As far as I am aware, OMS is one of the most, if not the most, reserched and scientificaly supported lifestyle choices for managing MS.
While your post is interesting, it seems to be anecdotal and opinion based, You refer to your "theory", and I am concerned it may put off anyone newly diagnosed who may be interested in starting the OMS lifestyle.
I have been following OMS for nearly seven years and I am still improving, some people will still Relapse after a couple of years, I did myself, George says it may take up to five years to stabalise which was true in my case.
I have been on this forum for nearly Seven years now and have seen only a handful of people who continue to have problems if they strictly follow the OMS advice, George also says it may not work for everyone, Swanks strict followers were still doing well after some 35 years and OMS is an improved version of his recommendations.
The People in the Blue zones consume more vegetables and less meat and live longer than the rest of the world, the Seventh day adventists eat very much the same diet as OMS and are some of the longest living and healthiest people in the world.
This is good enough for me until somthing with enough evidence comes along to change my mind.
I don't usually reply to posts like this but as I have said, I am concerned this will confuse the newly diagnosed looking for help.
RaveCR, this is in no way ment to be disrespectful to you or your "theory", I am genuinely pleased that you have found a way to manage your MS and I hope things continue to go well for you :)

No worries BG, I fully understand your point and your view.

I started the post saying that this is not intended to say OMS is bad, but really, it is not a solution.

You know why Jelinek said it does not work for all? Because it does not fix the the issue, it does not fight the root cause, and that is precisely the problem.

I can actually prove my theory to you. All I need is you, or anybody with MS, to get tested for mercury.

And let me ask you something, you said: "The People in the Blue zones consume more vegetables and less meat and live longer than the rest of the world". Could you tell what cultures you refer ti specifically?

I would be glad if I disencourage people from following OMS, if that means getting tested for mercury and treated accordingly, cause that is what will put and end to their nightmare.
I love the Overcoming multiple sclerosis lifestyle and know it’s working for me. Stable MRIs, improved symptoms and feeling the best I have in many years.

I thank my mother who heard Dr Jelinek on the radio, and I thank Dr Jelinek for his vision every day.

Life is good and anything is possible.
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