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Looking for reassurance. Have been on the program strictly for 14 months and am having a relapse. I made such gains in the year with fatigue, stamina and sensory issues. Unfortunately, my motor skills are being affected at the moment. Scared. Please share your experiences if you can. I am very disheartened but awake. The fatigue lifted so dramatically but now this. Did anyone else have this experience? It would help to hear other similar experiences followed by a successful recovery.
Keep going. Professor Jelinek has said that it takes between 3 and 5 years to fully stabilise on the OMS programme, and you can expect to experience relapses during this time, The important thing is not to give up.

I have been following OMS for 7 years now, and was diagnosed 10 years ago. Everyone's journey/situation is different as you know - so whilst I can't give you any stories of complete recovery, I will say that I believe the OMS has given me a better quality of life than I would have had without it.

I hope your current relapse passes soon.
...I echo what Rachel said, it can takes years to fully stabilize!!
And i bet you will recover from this relapse faster, then if you weren't following the program.
Thank you both. This has been such a scary time. After a year of success on the diet my health started unravelling again. One week later it seems to have stopped getting worse, fingers crossed. Now, I hope for a speedy recovery from this relapse. Unfortunately, I have had MS for 20 years unbeknownst to me. I was misdiagnosed in 2003 and it was slow to progress. I have been on the program for 14 months and have seen good results. This is indeed a formidable challenge. My heart goes out to everyone on this forum.

I am meditating and visualizing.
Many thanks,
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