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Hi Janice

I imagine that your chances are low... Yay you!!! :D

The Disability Services Commission is the department that administers funding . It my belief that this is usually done through NFP organisations such as Rocky Bay. This is who co-ordinatied the funding for 2 previous clients. I would guess that MS Australia could be such a group also.

The following is a link to a page on the Disabilty WA website (state page for the DSC). It contains many links to different service organisations nation-wide, stakeholders and reference materials concerning Universal Design (building design to accomodate disabled persons).


There is lots of interesting stuff.

Good luck with the renovations :)

Contact the MS Society ... I think they know how to access funding for just about everything. It's worth having if available!


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Thank you everyone. You have been very helpful. :-)
JaniceB wrote: Thanks Tracey, that was really interesting.
We are currently about to re-do our bathroom, as we have discovered a rotten floor underneath the shower, so we need to strip back and do a complete new bathroom.

I am quite well at the moment, and plan to continue with the OMS lifestyle to stop any further progression, but I also was trying to have an eye on doing things in the bathroom that may make sense if modifications are needed later, for MS progression or general ageing.

Our ideas have included the walk-in shower screen, all on one level for easy access, but the bathroom guy suggested it be a glass panel, would that be too slippery if there were grab rails on the other walls?

We will also incorporate a hand-held shower as well as a fitted shower head - they come as an all-in-one so that serves both purposes.

I also appreciate the ideas about drawers, fittings being strong,the higher toilet pan and the semi-recessed basin.

About the tiles, in the tile shops I visit, I have asked about their most non-slip tiles. They suggest outdoor tiles, but always warn they will be too hard to keep clean. I was trying to get non-slip tiles all over the floor, as the ones we have now are way too shiny/slippery, even when I didn't have balance issues! Thoughts on tiles?



I also just finished our bathroom remodel . It cost me a whopping $3k for all new fixtures, materials, floor heating elements, glass walls etc. I did all the labor.
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