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Has anyone been in chellation therapy for heavy metals? Recently found out I have arsenic and mercury poisoning. I tried DMSA the past month with enviro MD and now have new symptoms.
just last week was told i have high levels of mercury, aluminium and barium.
due to start chelation next week.
will let you know how it goes.
First symptoms Jan 2011
OMS April 2012
No official diagnosis
Hi Jbraek, sorry to hear that you have these heavy metals, but also glad to hear you have identified them. I sent you a private message so we can compare notes if you like (anyone reading this thread is welcome to PM me by the way).
I am about to take a test to see if I have metal toxicity in my body. I won't know the results for a couple if weeks but I would be very interested in comparing note at some point!!
I "let removed" my 12 amalgam fillings 4 1/2 years ago. I have tested myself twice about mercury poisoning via hair analyses; it was obvious: I had mercury poisoning. I have chelated (Andy Cutler method (DMSA and Ala)) 2 1/2 years; first year great positive effects. Then a "falling"of the stairs, and no good feelings etc. anymore. But still very glad that mercury is out of my mouth. The sad story is that the mercury stays long in the body. The good story is that you can chelate it out (3-4 years of chelating; maybe longer). It is poison anyhow. Like food: it is coming to your body everyday.

I just made a copy of a recent post on the forum of "amalgam illness" (Andy Cutler).
I have been there for years. I thought I found the reason of my illness.
I understand that this is another forum, and shall not place something like this on this forum anymore.
For me there is something the same as with food: INPUT in the body.

"I have heard Andy (=Andy Cutler) estimate that 95% of MS cases are the result of heavy
metal poisoning. That fits what I have observed over the internet. Every
person with an MS diagnosis who has posted a hair test (that I have seen) shows
deranged mineral transport on the hair test".

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