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Article on Benign Prognosis

PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2012 7:09 pm
by Alex
This is a great article because the author spells out how what is not known far outweighs what is known. I think it's a very good article for that reason. They collected their data and resisted the temptation to make grand pronouncements after 10 years. ... oundup_AAN


"There are patients -- if we can identify them at an early age -- who may not require treatment," Scalfari told MedPage Today at his poster presentation. All of the benign patients in this study are untreated, he said.

Interpretation: We still don't know much. There are people who are naturally benign, though they count anyone EDSS 3 and under as benign, but we don't know how to identify them. Being young and female seems to be a good way to have benign MS, so if you are, then you can be happy. If you're in the worst statistical category like me or the Professor - you can know that he is doing well after 13 years and I am doing well after 5 years since my first episode of ON and 2 years on the diet.