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The best Study Ever

PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2012 7:26 pm
by Alex
This is going to be one of my favourite studies:

NEW ORLEANS -- People who declined to participate in a prospective study of aging developed dementia more quickly than those who joined the study, a researcher said here, suggesting study participants may not be a representative sample.

This is a study of a study where they looked at who participates in studies and who doesn't. In this case, people who didn't did worse.

What it shows is that at least in this case (and I suspect in any trial), you never know if you even have a representative sample. What kind of person takes part in a trial anyway? I've been offered to take part in an immunosupressant trial with placebo (no effect) a small dose (might work) and a large dose (might cause problems). I found all 3 options too risky. Perhaps if I were worse off, tended to be less anxious or was less able to understand the risks (less intelligent), maybe I would take part. ... oundup_AAN