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Hi Everyone
I am feeling encouraged on the OMS plan. I've been following the programme for 6 months and its been only positive. Its been 2 and a half years since a relapse which is the longest between relapses since 2007, and I'm still going strong. I love Dr Jelinek's program for many reasons. One of the things I love the most is that I feel I myself have an active hand in determining my health outcomes by taking control of as many factors that influence the course of MS as I can. This alone has a positive affect on motivation, mood, my self concept and I think even my world view. By this I mean that the positive affects of the programme have a flow on affect to everything else I do and it seems easier to take control of other areas of life.
I agree - for me, it was a real psychological boost to have things I could try to do MYSELF to improve my condition instead of the horrible frustrated waiting for help from medical staff. I hope you continue to benefit from all the positive effects

I am very new to OMS, having only discovered the website just over a week ago! I have begun in earnest, and it's already making me feel more in control. Today I experienced severe difficulty walking, for the first time in 3 and a half years of having MS. I have found the NHS incredibly unsupportive so far. Having tried for three days to get a doctors appointment (without success), and with no MS nurse on the scene as yet, it was great to have this website to turn to. I haven't been able to get to work today, so I've spent it doing yoga instead! It's fantastic to hear everyone elses' success stories. It makes me feel very positive about the future.

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