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Six days ago I got my first cold since being diagnosed. Immediately I knew that rest was the most important thing so I went to bed to recuperate. The cold lasted for about three days and has now gone but I am still in bed as I have been left with depilating fatigue that doesn't seem to be lifting. I am off to the doctor tomorrow but I was wondering whether this could have triggered the start of a relapse or whether having MS you just take a long time to recover? I would be interested to hear from others on this topic.

A common cold just ran thru my family as well. Hit me the hardest. My wife noted that we know my immune system is compromised and I always need more time to get over a cold. So I would rephrase the title of your post to "How does MS impact a common cold."
Infections seem to affect people wih MS more than the general population. My husband and I haven't had a cold or flu for a couple of years fortunately, we both take vitamin D and am feeling really well generally. There are a lot of studies pointing to how important Vitamin D is in this area, including trials in intensive care and pre surgery.

Comical really, I only go and see my GP to tell her how well I'm feeling.

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I did see my doctor today and he did reinforce that having MS you do take much longer to recover from colds and not to worry, I'm not having a relapse. It has been three years since I have had a cold. My Vitamin D is very high (in fact too high, I am currently at 300 and trying to bring it down a bit). I am very fit and have been doing really well on the programme so this has hit me hard. Anyway I'll try to stay positive and at least I can look forward to enjoying the beautiful sunshine now here in Aus.

Thanks for your posts
Hi Sharon,

I'm going to reinforce it further! I have caught numerous mild viral infections between April-September and each time have experienced increased fatigue, recurrence of dizziness and recurrence of sensory symptoms with the cold and for a little while after.

I've no sick leave left at the moment, so I took myself to see an integrative medicine GP this week (been waiting for the appointment a while) with a view to getting some strategies to improve my health to the point where I'm less susceptible to these minor infections. She has ordered some blood tests, including zinc, B12 and Chlamydia pneumoniae antibodies, and something else that I can't remember just now. Apparently one can have a normal circulating blood level of B12 but a low level in the CSF (cerebrospinal fluid). Will tell you more when we get round to that lunch date!


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Thanks Sue, I'll be very interested to hear.

This has been the worse week since my previous attacks. I had forgotten how ill the MS fatigue when it grips you hard makes you feel. I didn't even have the energy to talk, eat, read etc. It's lifting now just as you mentioned and so it’s back to taking care of myself again.

Looking forward to our lunch date next year along with other Melbournians when we decide when and where.

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