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We wait with baited breath to see if the inventor of the MRI has caught on to something groundbreaking – a possible cause (and evidence) to the presently unknown cause of Multiple Sclerosis. A noteworthy press release was sent out last fall that talks about the possible etiology of MS, including an eight-subject trial run at a non-invasive treatment.

If you have had a car accident, whiplash injury or head trauma from some other cause, your brain may be leaking. According to the study, head trauma like that seen in whiplash injuries causes obstruction of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) thus increasing the pressure in the ventricles and leaking into the brain. This has become more visible on the new FONAR Upright MRI than the traditional lie-down-in-the-tube MRI.

The obstruction comes as the first few bones in your neck becomes misaligned and causes a backup of CSF. When this misalignment was corrected, the study shows pressure decreases by 28.6%! The flow also becomes uniform again once treatment is given. The idea of the fluid (CSF and blood) collecting in the brain due to the poor draining and improper position of these vertebrae is under review for a cause of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease as well.

You might think that because the CSF and other vessels are deep in the brain that surgery is required. Au contraire says Dr. Scott Rosa. Dr. Rosa preforms an upper cervical chiropractic technique called Atlas Orthogonal that corrects the malposition of the cervical spine without surgery or drugs. Did you hear that?! NO DRUGS! No prescription and no side effects. No cutting, scarring and recovering. This procedure alone is enough to allow CSF and blood flow to normalize and decrease the pressure that will diminish the risk of the person from developing MS. That is as long as draining remains clear.

Everybody knows that neck injuries present with varying degrees of severity. How long after an injury does it take to develop into a condition like MS? On average, the study showed an 11 year lap between the initial injury and the diagnosis of MS. That should change the way we understand and treat vehicle accidents, sport injuries and other injuries to the head and neck. There are growing numbers of studies and theories relating to decrease flow of CSF and venous blood from the brain. If this is an area of interest to you, check out this blog by Dr. Flanagan uprightdoctor.wordpress.com and continue to watch for an official study put out by FONAR and Dr. Rosa.

Source : http://ucstudies.wordpress.com/2012/01/ ... sclerosis/

In my case it was 100% . I had horrible accident with brain injury and 11-12 years after that start my first MS symptoms !

What about you ?

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I had a pretty bad horse riding accident. I was somersaulted over the horse's head and landed on my back. I slightly rotated my C2 vertebra and suffered various other injuries.
12 years later I experienced my first symptom of M.S.
At the time my Neuro said that there was no correlation with M.S. and my accident.
This new information seems very interesting Mile!
Thank you for posting:-)
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There was a good scientific paper on this (the upright MRI findings rather than the chiropractor technique) in 2011 for anyone who's interested in the technical details: http://www.fonar.com/pdf/pcp41_damadian.pdf

Seems likely to me that craniocervical trauma is another possible causative factor in MS rather than the one single cause. It's a probable factor in my case (along with shingles as an adolescent) as I went flying over the handlebars of a bike when about 14, hit the road head first, broke my nose and spent 3 days concussed in hospital.
Yes I too have many incidents of hitting the ground head first off a horse.
Not sure it can be linked to MS tho.
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It's all very interesting. I have had loads of head / neck / back traumas - and here I am! One thing I have noticed is that my relapses have all followed some kind of trauma. I am not sure if it is the physical impact, or the psychological stress that usually follows, but I am convinced there is a link.
:shock: wowee just read this I have SPMS diagnosed 2003 I also had had accident about about 15 yrs ago thought I had not really hurt myself interesting
Just wondering if you'll find within the MS community as many people who haven't had a head trauma as those who have had a head trauma. As far as I recall I haven't.

Very interesting. I had a car accident December 2009 when someone came round a blind corner at 70mph on my side of the road. I was cut out of the car and airlifted to hospital. Severe whiplash and concussion.

I saw the opthamologist last week about paleness behind one eye. He said that a possible cause was head trauma.

Fascinating area of discussion. Is there anyone on here that HASN'T had a head injury????
I am sorry ! I recently was diagnosed but I haven't had a head injury. Sorry
What does the theory consider to be a head injury?
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