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I came across the topic of earthing in something I was reading the other day. Does anyone follow this practice? It is easy and free so might be worth incorporating into our day?


Q. How does Earthing help me feel better and my body’s ability to heal?

A. Pain and diseases other disturbances in our bodies are often caused by chronic inflammation. Such inflammation is, in turn, caused by positively-charged molecules called free radicals. When you make direct contact with the Earth, either by being barefoot outside or via a conductive sheet or mat indoors, the negatively-charged electrons from the Earth are absorbed into your body and reduce the free radicals and inflammation. This is our theory and it is supported by our research and feedback from thousands of people who use Earthing products.
This benefit of Earthing is very important because medical research has found that many of the chronic and debilitating diseases of our time have the same cause: chronic inflammation. Scientists now realize that pain and disease arise in our bodies where an inflammatory response has taken place, but the inflammation has not completely stopped after the healing process. A low level of chronic inflammation can continue for years, damaging normal tissues and wasting energy.
The human immune system evolved over a long span of time during which we were in virtually constant barefoot contact with the Earth. In our modern society, humans no longer walk barefoot. We wear shoes that insulate us from the Earth’s energy. In recent decades the incidence of chronic diseases, allergies, auto-immune conditions, and insomnia has skyrocketed in modern societies. One overlooked reason for this situation is that the immune system began functioning less efficiently as humans increasingly separated themselves from the Earth’s energy.
We were created from elements of the earth and are designed to interact with it so it makes sense we will suffer if not out and about in it regularly. Think of how invigorated we feel after standing by a waterfall!

I would avoid paying for ' products' to help and play in the sand or park or stand next to that waterfall. As a bonus do it with the sun out in your bikini! Ok I would not inflict that on everyone around me but I could do the play in the sand part :lol:
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LOL yes i might have to stick with playing in the sand (or mud in the case of my backyard right now) too. Although I am very intrigued wondering what voltage my body is sitting at a wifi laptop most of the day and sleeping with the ipad next to my bed.

Earthing + multiple sclerosis brings up a few success stories so is worth a try!
Oh, come on Kashu .... I'll join you in the bikini bit .... see how many protests we can achieve. Could be a riot of dissent ...


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Gardening is another great way to be in touch with the earth - and grow your own lovely fresh veg at the same time - earth between your fingers has to be just as good as earth under your feet?
A riot alright!

It is a good reminder isnt it. I know because of my mobility issues i dont do a lot of things anymore and i need to make an effort to reintroduce them.
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Interesting! I know that I always feel best after "grubbing about in the dirt" gardening. I have been doing less gardening these past few years due to difficulties walking, balance and general fatigue.

I've started feeling better after 6 months of OMS and spent the day gardening yesterday. I was tired afterwards but relaxed and pleased with myself. Next time I'll try a bit of walking barefoot in the grass as well! 8-) I'm sure it can't hurt and it'll feel good

Sue will be doing her gardening in her bikini for extra effect :lol:
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Auckland, NZ is making up for summertime drought by non-stop rain so for a birthday present I did buy an Earthing Mat! No chance being out on the ground unless I don't mind 2inch water. Have been down a few rabbit holes with Chinese Medicine etc but I am wondering if this could be at least a little bit helpful - have had quite nice peaceful sleeps since I started with this mat. Will update you over the next few weeks.

Better go read the Earthing book, quite a collection of unread books building up under the bed, so much to learn!
It is interesting concept so I will try to take shoes off when I can in the garden.
Look forward to your continued experiences on sharing, hope you feel a good change (refrained from the pun, lol).
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