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Hi All

As recently diagnosed with ms i immediately stopped smoking after 20 years of pack a day and switched to e cigs. It goes very well and i havent had real one for nearly 2 months. And i never will i know that. But i just wanted to ask you whether someone here is using them as well. The thing is im not sure whether they are "safe" for people like us. Obviously i know that best is to stop completely but im just trying to find out whether it is the nicotine itself what is worsening our condition.
So the question is :) is the e-cig the same evil as the real one for me ?

Thank you very much for all your opinions
Hi Simonko

I've also switched from being a heavy smoker (20 a day, more under stress, for decades) to e-cigarettes, and I have to admit I'm probably still using a lot of nicotine.

I've been reassuring myself that it's OK on the basis of a couple of articles that I've read as a scientific ignoramus that suggest nicotine on its own may have an anti-inflammatory effect


http://www.library.nhs.uk/booksandjourn ... 1039&id=25

I could be wrong, but I just can't contmplate life without these now
I asked Professor Jelinek for feedback on this:

Thanks for that. I was not aware of this research. It would appear to
be factors in smoke apart from nicotine that are the problem for
people with MS, and indeed in other diseases. The important thing
really, from the point of view of reducing the risk of progression of
MS, is to stop smoking cigarettes. Whatever help one can get from
nicotine patches, chewing gum, e-cigarettes, etc, would seem to be
worthwhile if it helps one to quit. The research is somewhat
reassuring that these aids to quitting are not harmful.
Hi all

I used e-cigarettes to stop smoking. I was down to zero in no time. I now am a non-smoker, what a wonderful thing to be able to say! I would recommend e-cigarettes to anyone. You must stick with it and not have the odd cigarette! After two weeks of doing this you are more likely to think of an e-cigarette as opposed to a real one!


Be kind to yourselves!
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