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Hi there everyone,

Two weeks ago I suddenly had diminished hearing in my left ear, which has stayed with me up to now. Today I went to the ENT doctor and he said the ear was ok and it was probably MS-related. Has anyone else experienced this? I don't want to take steroids because they've never really helped much in the past with other symptoms (not that the doctor recommended it anyway - he just said to drink lots).
I'm hoping it will eventually clear up on its own with the help of OMS (which I've been doing for 6 months now).
Does anyone have any tips?

I went almost completely deaf in one ear, it took months to come back but is fine now.
Specialist at hospital told me if ever that happens (with ms) immediately get steroids. Yr on OMS so that will help yr recovery but I would get steroids even though I hate the idea. And sleep, rest, meditate, sit in sun, relax (plus lts of filtered water and fresh veggie juices, the usual to help your body).

Heal well! Sara
Hi Mars,
I've had a journey with my hearing loss that started 3 years ago.
I was first told at my GP it was from a recent airplane flight and it would clear up. It didn't.
6 months later, after 3 visits to the GP, they sent me to an ENT guy who said it was "bad luck" (can you believe that?)
and had nothing to do with my MS.
THEN I finally saw my neurologist and he sent me to a hearing specialist who knows about MS. He said it could absolutely be related
to MS and sent me to have my vesibulary nerve checked for lesions. Nothing.
It remains a mystery, with 50% hearing loss in one ear.
I don't really mind as so much noise in this world, including what people say, is overrated!
Also it makes it easy to fall asleep if I put my good ear on the pillow.

What did I learn from this? That I should go to my neurologist first thing if I have a weird symptom. It might not be
MS, but it might be worth an inquiry and possibly steroids.
Have you talked to your neurologist about it?

By the way, I am loving the SoWi translation that you did. What are your feelings about us sharing that PDF?
It is very important, especially as it is a practical application of all the brain plasticity theory that is out there.
I think it could help a lot of people, and not just PwMS'ers.
Thanks again.

Maybe a little bit off topic - well kind of & sorry that it doesn't really give an answer but anyway.

My first official MS symptom from where I was diagnosed was optic neuritis.

As ON slowly goes from feeling something is "up" with the eye and vision being slightly impaired to almost complete loss over the next few days.

It was the first day as it was setting in from the point I awoke in the morning, I also then had to board a flight that day.

I used to fly ALOT but I was well adjusted and my ears never popped on take off - this day they POPPED and the whole 2 hour flight was extremely uncomfortable.

Unfortunately I had to board another 4 hour flight almost directly after it :roll:

I didn't loose my hearing & once I was home it was fine --- my vision however was slowly disappearing.

And off to hospital I went - the first time the words MS were even uttered too me ---- which I really didn't think much of.

Official diagnosis confirmed by Neuro almost 2 years later :|
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say that my hearing has recovered! After about two months I began to have days where it was a lot better, and gradually I had more and more good days with "off" days in between. For the past two weeks it's been good all the time!
I'm sure OMS has helped, as other relapses have taken much longer to improve and often not recovered completely. I'm really pleased!

That's great Mars, mine did , so was hoping yours would too, sometimes it can take quite some time. Congrats!
Not sure what evaluation you have had, but I would think an evaluation by an Audiologist would be preferable to just being evaluated by a hearing aid salesman. Check out this website with hearing aids staten island ny
But I have no personal experience, so you should do your own research.
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