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For those of us new to this site and new to MS, I have found the search tool on this site soooooo helpful. The search tool is the empty box next to the magnifying glass in the upper right or sometimes an empty box at the top of the forum. I often have questions about a symptom or want to see if someone has posted something about a certain topic. This site has been around a while so I can almost always find some posts that are related to what I'm looking for. For example, I have random scattered numbness. Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not. That makes me very nervous and frightened. I know we all will have our own experience with this disease and I, for one, feel comforted when I can read about someone else's similar yet not the same experience.

So, thanks to the administrators of this site for making that tool for us. I find not just forum posts but articles relating to my quest. Good stuff! Also thanks to Wendy for patiently posting about the search option in her responses! I think when each of us joins this site, we are in a state of freak out and may not be thinking logically about how the site works. I know it took me at least a month to figure out that I could search. :)
Thanks Catgirl.

There are three searches:
1. Top right search field in the black menu bar searches the entire site including the forums. This will also return articles.
2. Advanced Search in the forum menu next to the board index gives you powerful options to refine your search within the entire group of forums ie specify forums, required/excluded words, author etc
3. Search within a forum, next to the Post New Topic button.
Yes, absolutely! Brilliant ! So easy, no offence to the Facebook group but I keep wondering why questions keep being posted over there when all you need to do is look it up so easily here and find instant answer! :?: Thank you for such a great source of info and support
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