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Here in Prescott area of Arizona USA, Dr. Varghese has respected my wishes to do the OMS program. Also my family doctor, Dr. Urel is friendly and encourages diet and meditation (has attended Dr. Weil seminars on Natural health alternatives).
Mixed, but improving experience with neurologists here in Washington, DC:

- I was diagnosed last August at the George Washington University Hospital. The neurologist there told me that no diet or exercise would help and unless I started injecting Rebif, I would end up disabled. After getting over several stages of shock and denial, I got on the web and fortunately found OMS. I never went back to that neurologist or started Rebif (I still get calls from the manufacturer trying to convince me).

- I switched to another neurologist at the Georgetown University Hospital who listened to my explanation of OMS. He hadn't known about it but said to continue OMS if it made me feel good. He sent me to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for diagnoses confirmation.

- NIH researchers knew about Swank but not about OMS. They also said OMS was fine and to continue on it, just watch for excessive weight loss.

Both Georgetown and NIH said my MS was very mild and taking medication or not was up to me. I'm hoping to at least put OMS on their radar since I'm doing great on it and without medication!
My mum's neurologist in Brisbane wanted her to get her Vit D levels to 50 and is in favour of regular exercise but when I asked him about a "very low saturated fat diet" he said to do everything in moderation and not to start cutting out any foods. :roll:
Hi folks, my neuro is really nice. On my first visit to him he said he wanted to take some of my blood and test my vitamin D levels. He told me vitamin D is "super good for MS". We both work in the same hospital and he told me to pop round if i was worried. My ms nurses came and saw George when he was in Leicester at the belmont hotel.
I dont think my neuro is totally convinced about diet but he is very open. He agrees with me that i dont need a DMD and actually said they could make me worse! He wants to scan me again at christmas and if thats stable he 'wants to call it a day'. Really nice guy. I dont care if he does not totally support my lifestyle views but he totally respects my wishes. Better than the first guy i saw! Jees; now he WAS a prize muppet!
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Hello fellow travellers,
My Neuro is a cross between Cinderella's Weasel and Phil's Prize Muppet !
He will not discuss alternatives and has his needle stuck in the DMD recording.
Oh how dull.
He seems astonished that I will not take Toxic Drugs even though they ave available to me free and cost NHS £25,000 a year.
Still, I am the only one in the waiting room without a walker, stick , wheelchair or MS walk.
We have agreed to disagree and I have thanked him for his input and told him that I will not be seeing him again.
I just don't need to be dragged down by the doubters and the haters! I'm sailing alone now, but I have you guys for support.
It is very theraputic.......

Graham x
DX 07.2007. In to year 6 of OMS .
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I asked if anyone at the department where I go (Oxford, UK) supports the programme, and this is what I got back from one of the MS nurses (copied and pasted):

Jelenik overcoming MS: We are aware of a handful of people who follow this and have felt it to be beneficial. However as an Academic unit very much based of research based evidence we feel that there is not enough evidence to support aspects of this. In the clinical world we very much take a risk V benefit perspective I would urge you to take that approach that if you feel you are benefiting from this regime and are confident that it is not doing harm make the decision that is safest for you.

Oops, just noticed I posted that from my partner's account as was on his PC,

Dx 03/02/14
OMS 14/07/14
This guy could be a winner!


He has some excellent posts on his FB page
My MS neurologist is sceptical about any diet or lifestyle approach having any significant effect on disease progression. Despite the fact that my symptoms have decreased significantly and my last MRI showed no new lesions and one lesion gone, he is convinced that I am not doing anything to help myself...

I was also referred to a neuro rehab specialist who supports my approach 100%. He had not heard of OMS specifically but reviewed the information I gave him. He also visited the OMS website. He is impressed with my improvements over the past 18 months.

There is a local neurologist who promotes the Swank diet to her patients. But she is not an MS specialist.

Things are changing. But slooowwly!

Hope this helps, George.

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