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Neurologist - Northamptonshire, UK

My neurologist was not aware of OMS per se, but aware of alternative thinking. He advocates the diet and strongly supports mindfulness... he was keen that I change my lifestyle and manage stress. He also gets our take on vitamin D. Ditto re my MS nurse - she actually sends me details re mindfulness workshops.

Having said that they have to work within the confounds of the NHS. For instance, normal vitamin levels for (NHS) Northamptonshire health service are well below OMS. However, neurologist and nurse feel very confident re my research (not just OMS, but other respected medical research). I have also shared some of the medical research papers referred by George and OMS.
Someone just posted on a FB forum that her neurologist have her a copy of the OMS book and advocated taking control of the MS as much as she could.

Name is Dr Martin Jude in Wagga.

Hi every one I been on the swank diet for the last 3 1/2 years I have not had any attacks since starting the diet. Had my latest MRI exams . It showed no progression, no enhance new lesions, any changes since my last MRI which was three years ago. So basically I'm in remission. The only symptom I currently have is left drop foot from my first and only attack. I'm hoping I can reverse the damage from my only attack by sticking to the Swank Diet and OMS diet. I know it takes years to reverse the damaged. I never took any DMT drugs since diagnosis. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables every day, drink green smoothies daily. I eat majority of seafood but sparingly eat organic free range skinless chicken breast. I also take daily supplements. In the last year I added LDN to my regimen because it does no harm after studying Dr. Bhari research on LDN. I am living proof that anyone can Stop MS through diet :D Hopefully one day the drop foot will go away. That is the only symptom that lingers at this time. God Bless every one and stay strong.
I am in the U.S. I see my neuro at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He advised immediately upon diagnosis that i take vitamin D3(5,000 iu a day) and gave me 3 dmds to choose from. He is always concerned about my stress levels which tells me he is aware of that connection. He does not poo poo the diet modifications, seems ok with the omega supplements and always seems very interested in what i have to say but has never agreed that there is enough evidence to support diet and MS. He just says that there is no harm to eating healthier. I get the feeling though that he does believe but wont admit. He is heavy into research too. I havent seen him since i stopped my copaxone. Im curious to see what he will have to say about that. My GP is great and supports me 100% with my decision and helps me monitor my vit D and b12 blood levels. She is also a J.H. doctor.
Dr Ernest Willoughby in Auckland mentioned OMS when I was first diagnosed - he is supportive of doing whatever you can to stay positive but I wouldn't describe him as supportive/friendly. He is all about the drugs and we never discussed OMS except to confirm I'm still doing it. Now in Canberra, Dr Colin Andrews is all about drugs, stem cell treatment etc. so I wouldn't dream of discussing OMS with him. Having said that, he was very open to my Vitamin D test request. My experience so far is that Drs feel their role to play is discussing treatment/drug options and MRIs. Anything outside of that seems off limits/not my area of responsibility/expertise. I'd love to find a supportive MS nurse, my last one put me in touch with another MSer who told me life was too short to give up cheese!!
I moved to Brisbane and have finally found an open minded, positive Neurologist after many years of doom and gloom. It is refreshing to go to an appointment not needing to take my husband for moral support and not walking away suicidal!! While my Dr didn't recommend OMS she had heard of the Gawler foundation and said it may be helpful so I have given her Georges book to read.

I have never had much success with getting either my GP or Neuro fully on board when it comes to OMS. My GP is great in that he is happy to test me for Vit D/B12 but he hasn't shown any real interest. (My Neuro is very dismissive and is much happier to fill me with Copaxone!) Having said that, I have just come back from the doctor's having seen a different GP for a smear test. She said 'I was interested to read in your notes about the Australian doctor and the vegan diet' - so my own GP has clearly noted this, and it was great that this doctor showed an interest, unprompted. I was able to tell her about OMS/Swank, and I wonder if she has a patient with MS which is why she showed an interest?

It is clear that although progress is slow, people are beginning to sit up and take notice. I never miss an opportunity to promote OMS - I regularly give the website address to taxi drivers whose mate/wife/milkman has MS. We just need to keep spreading the word.


Have you had any feedback from your Brisbane Neuro after you gave her the OMS book?

Deepak's motivational thoughts that help me are; why we need to accept the diagnosis we do not need to accept the prognosis, and little changes amount to big benefits!
My neuro had never heard of OMS, which I found to be quite alarming. I explained to him a little bit about it. He did agree that the diet sounded very healthy. He also agreed that the gut has much to do with the immune system so he could see how certain diets could be beneficial. He did not agree on high doses of vitamin D or the fish oil supplements. He agreed taking them was fine, however, taking large doses was not necessary he said. I have still been taking higher than the recommended dosage is on the bottle though. He said that he will respect my decision to do things in a more all natural kind of way. He did say that I should remain open to the drugs. I was surprised that he did not push me as much as I had thought. He was surprisingly positive in many regards. He told me that I would probably be just fine in the long healthy life. He said many of the patients he sees with this do nothing at all and those are the people who usually do poorly.
At present, I'm not having much luck with finding any support in the U.k. within the NHS. So I was just wondering if anyone knows of any OMS 'friendly' Neurologists/teams etc. in the South East corner of the U.K.?

I have only ever had one relapse/event, from which I have fully recovered, and have now been completely relapse free for over 18 months (with no symptoms at all), since following the OMS program (thank you OMS!!).

However, I'm currently finding Neurology appointments to be very stressful, unsupportive and exceedingly depressing. As despite my continued good health, my Neurologist constantly advises that I must immediately start DMD's, despite my stated preference to manage my health with diet, exercise and lifestyle changes (as per OMS recommendations, which are obviously working well at present!), and without DMD's. I now dread each appointment, and really don't feel that having to constantly justify my health choices with my Neurology team, and being 'lectured' on my 'inappropriate choices' at each appointment is supporting my health or wellbeing.

So, I would appreciate any recommendations, or thoughts on how to encourage a med team to be more supportive, rather than dismissive or punitive, or indeed on how to find an alternative supportive team within the NHS setting (or privately?) in the U.K. . So any ideas would be very much appreciated. And HUGE thanks to OMS and all the members for such a supportive platform - where would we be without you all?!
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