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Hi all,

Could I ask if anyone uses DoTERRA essential oils. I was given some for Christmas with a very comprehensive book that I have been reading over Christmas. I have conducted a google search as well. There are oodles of different oils from frankincense, sandlewood, lemon, oregano to peppermint and so many more. They seem to be a complimentary product that is natural and assists with immune function, anti inflammatory, anti fungal and some supposedly help with hot flushes, spasms, nerve pain, and more!

I was given peppermint, ON guard and Wild orange oils. They get a bit of a positive write up on google however, you can't always believe what you read on the Internet so I was wondering if anyone else has been trying these oils at all.

The one down side is for massaging they dilute in coconut oil but I just added a few peppermint drops to my Swisse massage cream that is all natural. I guess you could use olive oil for that matter!

Anyway would love to hear from any other people who have researched and or used these natural products.


Deepak's motivational thoughts that help me are; why we need to accept the diagnosis we do not need to accept the prognosis, and little changes amount to big benefits!
I love using essential oils although I am often too lazy to look up what health benefits each can produce. I often use them to freshen the air or smell while meditating.

There is, however, an MS protocol to use with them. I know the lists were similar from the 2 essential oil companies I printed them out from (of course, I can't find either at the moment). If you are curious, however, a search for MS and essential oils should bring them up. One, I know, was from Young Living.

When I was first diagnosed, we bought all that were on the list to dribble on my spine in their "raindrops" technique. It felt good and I improved quickly, though we did many interventions so I can't attribute any one thing to that. Helichysum (probably spelled wrong) was an essential oil recommended by the naturalpathic dr I see...expensive, but only need a small amount to inhale a few deep breathes 3 times each day. This oil I do attribute to helping reduce pain.

Hope you enjoy them,
I personally believe that doTerra isn't a great company - they call their oils "therpeutic grade" which is just silly - an essential oil is by nautre essential - and they make very bold claims via youtube "testamonials" - I personally stay away from doTerra and Young Living essential oils because I believe they are not altogether honest - essential oils bought from other sources are just as good and usually cheaper
I have used DoTerra for the past year and I love them. However, I am very hesitant to use OnGuard unless I am already sick. I don't know what it does to your immune system, exactly, so I avoid it for that reason. Someone told me it stimulates it and while I am not sure if that is true, I have decided for myself to use it only when I'm sick and not as a preventative. That being said, it works wonders when you actually are sick. I like almond oil, instead of coconut, and then I will rub a drop on each foot. I do NOT ingest them, even though doterra claims this is safe. I prefer the calming oils because I feel like they help ease everyday stress. Just my two cents, but they are useful, but very powerful. I think of them like I do medicine.
Ha Nic, interesting tid bit there. I get a lot of Young Living EOs from my mother-in-law...
Do tell me more~
I've used them because they smell nice and don't make me sneeze. A few drops in the bath give a nice smell. Lavender is my favorite. I like brand.

Beyond smelling nice they don't do anything, why anyone would to ingest them is beyond me.
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