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Hey everyone, a I have a few more questions that I would love to hear answers to regarding the food allergies, candida and the leaky gut theories.

I initially found the Direct-MS.org site well before I discovered this site and whilst there is about a 90% cross over in two approaches the approach taken here does not really look into the allergy side of things. I know in the new book it mentions allergies a few times, it even mentions direct-ms.org and says that despite disagreeing re Gluten that the site is excellent so... I would love to know what George and everyone else here makes of the whole allergy and leaky gut thing?

Having come from the Best Bet Diet approach we had an ELISA and Candida test done for my wife and she come up with a hypersensitity to gluten, cocoa, milk & yeast (amongst a few others). She also tested positive for a candida infection. So, my wife falls well into the profile of someone with a potential for leaky gut - food allergies - check, candida infection - check.

We initially (jan) removed a lot of suspect foods as suggested by the BBD but only fairly recently we did the ELISA test (may) and realised that yeast and candida was also a problem. So, the rice bread is out as it has yeast and we are now eating mainly vegetables, nuts, fish, salad and fruit so if that is a problem, it should be clearing up.

I also have a course of glutamine to help heal the leaky gut (if present) and a weeks course of candigest to help speed up in clearing up and killing off any candida that remains but the diet should be doing a pretty good job.

So, I am reading around candida, leaky gut and allergies and there is much talk of allergies and MS along with the leaky gut allowing proteins into the bloodstream so I figure there has to be somethign to this. Maybe not in all cases, or even a large percentage of them but my wife certainly falls into the profile where this is the case.

So, would love to know if any of you have had any success based on any of these areas? Obviously, we also follow the diet, but I am keen to explore every reasonable avenue and with all the reading I have been doing, this certainly seems reasonable.

Books I have read that back up the claims from direct-ms.org include:
The China Study,
Allergies: Diseases in Disguise,
MS: Something can be done and you can do it,
MS - A self help guide to it's management
Candida Albicans - Could Yeast be your problem
(there are likely others as well)

Would love to hear your thoughts and experience people and if George has anything to offer up I would find that most interesting?

All the best everyone
Hello Marcus, just a quick note to let you know that the Professor is away at present, well earned holiday, so don't be disappointed that his voice is a bit silent right now.
Ha, yeah, I noticed on his twitter feed, well earned rest I am sure. :D

Would love to hear from any other folks who have factored in alergies, candida or treatments for a leaky gut as well though.

All the best
Could George please give his opinion on Ann Boroch's theory about the relevance of candida and the taking of an anti-fungal? I cannot find his view in his book or the website, but I might just have missed it
Professor Jelinek has carefully scrutinised all of the research studies, and the OMS recommendations are a result of that scientific evaluation. There are many theories about what causes MS and worsens MS, and many are quite plausible. When assessing required lifestyle changes for people with MS, it is important to prioritise the research findings. There is a full explanation of that careful process here on pages 3 and 4.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... Code=11098

As a result, the OMS recommendations are simple: just essential fatty acids (fish oil and flaxseed oil), vitamin D and vitamin B12. Professor Jelinek makes these comments about other supplements that do not stand up to scrutiny.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... pplements/

While Candida is not specifically mentioned, it is one of many infections thought to trigger MS, but definite proof is lacking, as in so many other areas. There are many factors implicated in the causation of MS, however there is much evidence that stands up to rigorous scrutiny that low saturated fat plays an important role in progression.

Until we know more, OMS works best!

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My doctor gave me the blood test for celiac disease and it came back positive so I stopped all gluten. Within 4 days my brain fog reduced dramatically and my fatigue lessened, I do so much more now. I also did an allergy test as I always felt sick after eating eggs, it came up very high to eggs and almonds. Funny thing, it didn't show allergy to gluten. My sister also did this test with another laboratory in another state and had exactly the same result as mine. I feel so much better now, virtually no brain fog and able to do more. When I accidentally get glutened I feel terrible. I think it is well worth the money to test for allergies.
I can't post much because pressed for time but I, personally, began treating leaky gut and candida and elimanated food allergies/sensitives (found by elimination process - not Elisa) and went from steadily going downhill to stabilizing and even improving. I know there's a lot of debate, but for me it saved me. I also found Dr Kharazian's book Why Isn't My Brain Working? Very helpful - especially chapters on the gut-brain axis and leaky gut.
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Hi I have had leaky gut in the past and wonder if this has contributed to me getting MS.

As I am newly diagnosed I have booked into my naturopath to have a food sensitivities test and will eradicate anything causing leaky gut, inflammation and bloating.

When I treated it I also took a probiotic and metagest by Metagenics.

All the best
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