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The NHS have offered me a flu injection but I am not sure whether it is worth having- anyone have any thoughts or experience of the flu with ms.
I choose to have the flu jab every year
I'm with veg, if there's no other reason why you shouldn't have the flu vaccination then I'd have it.
I have the flu jab. Doesn't cause any problems for me.
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Having experienced Influenza Type A myself this year, I can see the case for having the vaccination!

Doesn't guarantee that you won't get it, but improves your chances. I spoke to a friend that had the vaccination and still had a nasty case of flu this year.
http://www.nationalmssociety.org/Living ... ccinations

The above link provides good advice for people with MS (PwMS) about both flu jabs and vaccinations in general. As far as flu jabs are concerned, we are advised not to have live virus vaccines, but the inactivated vaccines are generally considered safe for PwMS.

My personal experience is that any hint of a cold or other virus seems to trigger MS disease activity. Catching influenza would clearly be truly grim but I am not at all sure I want to expose my immune system to the vaccine either!

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The OMS site & forum are brilliant! Thanks, everyone! :D
Thanks for link, Jette. Timely info. My son needs to have the flu vaccine soon for a high school health occ class. No one in our family has ever had the vaccine, will be sure he gets the inactivated virus and will continue to skip it myself.
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