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Patterns only emerge after there is enough data to see to them. I would be very wary of veering off OMS which has a lot of data from several different vantage points. It looks at biological reasons, environmental, population studies, and surveys from holism and others. While other things might work better, I would prefer to wait for some evidence to come in to show as much and not be a study of one. No where does OMS promise you wont have a relapse with it. However the studies on omega 3 etc seem to be continuing to point in the direction of OMS so I think thats what we are hitching our wagen to for now. Since MS is so variable its really hard to draw long term conclusions from any data you can gather even in your own lifetime.
Sorry about the long period off.

I don't want to say anything yet, cause I'm still working on my specific program. But one thing I can tell you, and that is, I have never, ever, felt so good, and I'm still half way through.

A little bit of information, for you to understand where I'm coming from:


What if everything modern medicine says about "autoinmune" conditions is nothing but a big lie?
Hi everyone,

Not sure if anyone of those I used to talk to is still around. Almost 4 years have elapsed since.

I'm back to explain that after this period following an almost opposite protocol compared to what Jelinek suggests, I am 100% sympthom free, and so can speak now with certain degree of authority and full confidence.


Preparation: Remove any amalgams if you have any. Get it done by a holistic dentist who understands how to safely remove then in order to prevent further mercury contamination.

1. Get a tissue mineral test. This shows minerals, hormonal and vitamin inbalances, but most importantly, exposes heavy metal toxicity levels.
2. Work with a functional consultant who understands mineral relationships and so can effectively define a supplementation program.
3. Based on toxicity levels (specialy mercury), consider following Andy Cuttler's protocol to speed up mercury cleansing.
4. Stop all carbs. This includes fruits and veggies (yes, these are carbs, and carbs are extremely bad in general, but specially to toxic people).
5. Start eating natural. Natural means fatty meat, fish (rule of dumb: if the fish is no bigger than your hand, its safe to be consumed, else its probably contaminated with mercury), eggs (plenty of eggs), cheese, milk, organs. Basically, anything with sat fat and cholesterol is extremely positive to us.
6. Keep getting retested every 3-4 months so your consultant can adjust the program as your body evolves.

This has worked for me, and has worked for many others. If you need references, so your research on mercury, andy cutler and carnivore diet,

Just a hint on what mercury does to neurons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewNvcFJEHbA

Not going to bother you with my full story, it is posted here somewhere. But I can tell you I was in a horrible condition after following OMS protocol for a year and now I'm not only sympthom free, but healthier than ever.

Look, mercury destroys mielin, which prevent nervs to transmit electricity they way they should. How are you going to rebuild mielin (made of cholesterol almost entirely), if you elimitate cholesterol from your diet? More over, how are you going to get cortisol in place (extremely important for us), if you are putting extreme amounts of stress into your body, everytime you generate those insane insulin peaks by eating those crazy amounts of vegetables?

If anyone is interested on knowing more, I'm available. If I'm posting this is because I know this is the way to go. In fact, during this long period, I can't stop thinking on the 2.8 million people that suffer this toxicity worldwide. If only they knew what it really is. So much suffering could be avoided.

Wish you all the best.
While I'm on board regarding the neurotoxicity of mercury and its nefarious effects overall, there are a few things that are off to me.

Cholesterol in the brain is not "egg cholesterol" - this one doesn't transverse the BBB.
To be best of our current scientific knowledge, cholesterol in the brain is synthesized locally. See this study (and others if interested): https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/8734440/

I'm happy you are feeling better but I'd reevaluate and analyze deeply some of the recommendations (in particular the vegetables, fruits and advocating for higher levels of cortisol) as they go against pretty much all science we have up to date.

Take care,
Omar Khayyam

"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life."
Good to hear you are doing so well on your diet RaveCR.

Blood type O by any chance?

My experience with MS diets over the last five years or so come to a different conclusion to you but we have to do whatever works for us.

Eating grass fed dairy would have me in a wheel chair really fast. Milk, cheese pain train stopping all stations that one.
@RaveCR it’s great you are taking charge of your health journey, I have found that no other posts pitch their opinions to others in the way you do? Not sure why you feel the need to be part of the OMS community now? What are the Exercise and Meditation recommendations on the lifestyle choice you have made?
1st sign no diagnosis Oct 1999, DX 2007, SPMS 2011.
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