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Hi everyone

I am in the final countdown to my trip to the US in 3 weeks time. Assoc Prof Craig Hassed, and my daughter Dr Pia Jelinek (just graduating in medicine this year!) will be joining me on stage to go through not only my own story briefly, but more importantly the research behind the OMS Recovery Program, including what our own research team has discovered. Craig will be talking about meditation and leading some mindfulness meditation sessions, and Pia can give a first hand account of being a family member where her father and grandmother were diagnosed with MS, as well as now being a doctor. It should be great!

Our first stop is the Crest Theater in Westwood in Los Angeles on October 30 (). Next we take on New York at the NYIT Auditorium on November 5 (), followed by the Back Bay Events Center in Boston on November 6 (). Each event is an all day event, with plenty of opportunities to interact and ask questions, and of course, savour some delicious OMS-friendly food!

I am really keen to meet Americans with MS. Our research shows that North Americans have worse outcomes and we think there are great opportunities for turning that around. Please pass this on to your MS circles.

See you in the US!

Be well

I hope there will be great attendance to these events to share and spread the real hope of change from when you climb into that driving seat, beep beep.
Congratulations to Pia in her graduation.
Safe trip to you all.
Have a great trip. And next year the UK?

Thanks Joy and veg

I am sure we will have a lot of fun. As OMS has its HQ in the UK, we are always going to be having events there from year to year....

Be well

Hello George,

I will be at the New York event and am very excited to be bringing a friend who I hope will see the benefits of OMS. I attended the Launde Abbey retreat in 2013 and have been doing well the past three years. I wish you safe travel and look forward to seeing you again in New York!

Best Regards,
North Carolina
Hi Dr. Jelinek,
Craig and I will be in Boston. It will be nice to connect with OMS people again! We attended the retreat in February of 2015.

I had an interesting talk with a doctor while at a routine checkup: he asked me what I was doing for MS because MS has hit every female in his father's side (grandmother, aunts, sister). We talked about the program and I talked about the importance of Vitamin D for his family. He was really interested and he told me he is very concerned for his daughter. I drove home, grabbed a copy of your book and the success stories and took them back to him along with a copy of the flier about your USA visits. I am well by the way!

Looking forward to seeing you and your team in a month!

Hi, Geroge, wow, have a great trip! Congratulations to your daughter! Hope you enjoy the usa, and your trip is great. Brenda
Greetings Dr. Jelinek and an early welcome to Boston!

How much of your presentations will focus on the microbiome? I feel this is the direction we are headed but am having trouble learning about it as a layperson. I'd love to find books, websites, or articles about this.

Many thanks -- Babette
Please give us a recap/summary for those that can't attend! I went to a retreat at the Gawler Foundation earlier this year and there was no mention of the microbiome. I'm fascinated to learn more about this!
Diagnosed August 2015
OMS November 2015
OMS Retreat May 2016
Thanks Donna and Betsy, look forward to seeing you in NYC and Boston. Tell your friends about it, because I don't see myself coming back in the foreseeable future.

Microbiome research is still in its infancy, but rest assured that the best way of changing one's microbiome for the better, towards less of a driver of inflammation, is to dispense with processed foods, saturated fats and altered oils and eat a plant-based wholefood diet.... Amazing how the OMS approach keeps on being shown to help in so many different ways.

Be well and see you in the States!

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