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Looking forward to NYC this Saturday am sad to read that there will be no further trips to the US for the foreseeable future but I would imagine the travel is rough. America needs OMS as the typical American diet is nutrient poor to say the least. I hope to meet some fellow OMSers this weekend. I'm rather alone in Memphis, TN.
Thanks for coming to the states!

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I was at the event in NYC and loved it! My husband went with me and learned a lot. It was great to be with so many people that can relate to each other because of our common affliction and our desire to learn all we can in order to overcome it. It was a very positive day.

Dr. Jelinek stressed the importance of having hope and then gave us the evidence to give us that hope.

Dr. Hassed is a wonderful speaker and did a great job of explaining the fight or flight response, the danger of stress and the health benefits of mindfulness. He guided us through some meditations. I left with a renewed commitment to be better about my mindfulness practice.

Dr. Jelinek's daughter shared with us some interesting info from her study paper that had just been published. It had to do with sexual dysfunction in women with MS.

All in all, we left greatly encouraged.

Frances (aka phrankie)
I am also doing my solo travelling around US, i'm currently staying in New Orleans right now, and i'm planning to visit Philladelphia and New York, try to figure out the places to visit through . So keep you posted on my experience.
I'm dreaming about a trip around the USA. I don't like too long trips, and I especially hate long flights, that's why I don't really want to go anywhere to Europe or sth.
I'm dreaming about RV. But it's too expensive. You can also travel buy car if you have such possibility. I'm dreaming about making a train tour lately. This desire appeared after having read the reviews about Amtrak travelling company at . I see how passionate ppl are about such way of travelling. Now I want to try this too.
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