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Hi everyone!

I need a little help.

I'm traveling to Singapore next week and will be living there for a month with my boyfriend. Our apartment is in Geylang and i'm wondering if there are any good vegan or OMS friendly cafes or restaurants in the area and/or centrally? - we're pretty good with any cuisine as long as it's OMS friendly. Our apartment has a small kitchen with limited cooking facilities (no oven) so we'll be eating out alot I would imagine which is worrying me a little. So if anyone knows of anywhere, I would greatly appreciate it : )

I've done some research and found a few places that sell organics and superfoods close-by but if anyone knows of any hidden health food store gems also please do let me know! i'll need to get some organic flaxseed oil over there.

Also any other info regarding travelling to Singapore with MS wld be great.
It's my first overseas travel since diagnosis that isn't back home to NZ.

Many thanks!!
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I've travelled to Singapore, but before MS and the main thing I would say is it's very hot and humid. If you suffer in the heat, I would ensure that you have aircon and try to get used to the temperature gradually.

For food, you can try TripAdvisor. You can view restaurants for an area (https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restauran ... apore.html) and then, on the left, you can select dietary restrictions and narrow it down. There's a few in Singapore that sound good, but nothing in Geylang.

The next place I try is Happy Cow (https://www.happycow.net). This lets you choose vegan or vegetarian and has stores as well. This looks more promising for Geylang and includes Kian Joo Vegetarian Food Supply Centre on Geylang East Ave.

The main thing is to enjoy yourself. It's an amazing place, you can buy anything, you can watch cricket amongst the most modern buildings and if the rampant consumerism gets too much, you can easily visit Indonesia or Malaysia.

Have an amazing time
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I have travelled to Singapore before but that was before my diagnosis so I was not really paying attention too much.
However - I think the food I had was generally very healthy, fresh and as far as I can recall I wold say OMS friendly.
We mostly ate outside in Hawkers Centres. There is a choice of cousins, some stalls prepare fresh food in front of you from scratch. And they are cheap too! Two pounds for lunch. No need to go to expensive restaurants.

Enjoy your time there
Hey thanks so much! ZbojnickaLdn & Diggity really appreciate your advice! and sorry for the delay

An update incase other people are travelling here and read this post as i've been here a month now. I've found a few gems in Geylang and in the city that are OMS friendly.

REAL FOOD CAFE/RESTAURANT - My absolute favourite so far has to be this place, they are organic as much as possible, have gluten free and vegan options. They have an extensive menu including salads, noodles, sandwiches and burgers, dumplings, rice and curries they also do smoothies, juices, kombucha and kefir and lovely raw sweet treats. There are two - one in the mall in Clark Quay and one on Killiney Road.

PLAIN VANILLA CAFE - This cafe is so lovely. They don't specifically cater for our needs on the menu but they had a beautiful superfood salad on the menu so I asked for it to be dairy free so they kindly gave me balsamic and evoo instead of the buttermilk dressing. They do an amazing green tea with mango but it was quite expensive. So I wouldn't rule this place out. Its modern, clean and lovely.

YES NATURAL - GEYLANG - this is a Health foods store in Geylang. It isn't packed to the rafters but you can find your superfoods some organics and I got my Melrose organic flaxseed oil that was in the fridge! There are also health food stores in the city but i've not got their names.

CI HANG Western & Chinese Vegetarian Food - This place does organic, its situated in Geylang close to Aljunied station. Its very unassuming. They do a great little raw salad with organic brown rice thats been boiled, raw alfalfa sprouts, red cabbage and some greens with a miso soup. Its lovely and cheap, about $6. The women don't speak much english but are nice and understand words like raw, organic, boiled, steamed and fried.

THE TUCK SHOP - is in Geylang also. They are a bar/restaurant, a little on the expensive side but they have a lovely salmon miso rice dish. The salmon is poached and its delicious, it's about $17 or $15 if sharing. The menu will probably change here but for now that was a great option.

HAWKER CENTRES IN GEYLANG - I really only ate the prawn, rice noodle and salad rice paper rolls that were fine and only $5.

NO SIGNBOARD SEAFOOD - in geylang, it does not cater for us but there was this option - fresh steamed prawns and I ordered it with a fresh coconut water which was pretty good

MRS PHO - These guys do a great little raw salad with prawns and a vinaigrette dressing + prawn rice paper rolls.

Otherwise there is plenty of sushi in the supermarkets and fresh fruit stalls. Cold storage is a great supermarket and carries organic and international foods. I would highly recommend getting into some dragon fruit and longan berries - they are delicious! there are HEAPS of different fruits.

The heat takes some adjusting its pretty full-on - my advice would be always carry water and snacks, rest often and plan trips so theres air conditioning ahead of you. Everything is air conditioned which makes it easy.

DX: May 2015 at 31 years old
OMS Recovery 18 months & healing
DMD: Tysabri
Oh we seem to be on the same boat with you. My bf and I are planning our trip to Malaysia through for three weeks in the middle of July. We are flying to Kuala Lumpur and try to make a decent plan with the help of travel site on where to go. We would like to travel down to Singapore, and perhaps get across to Indonesia. We are looking to mix the trip with beach/cities/cultural interest.
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