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I keep hearing success stories about Atlas Adjustment. I'm curious to try it out, but I'm weary of "chasing rainbows". Has anyone else tried it and what were your findings?
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I had never heard of Atlas Adjustment until I read your post. Having now had a read about it, it doesn't sound dissimilar to a treatment I have used called Craniosacral Therapy. The therapist uses very gentle pressure to coerce the body into readjusting itself and realigning.

I first came across Craniosacral Therapy when I was diagnosed with labyrinthitis a few years ago. (I now believe this wasn't labyrinthitis, but the MS symptom of vertigo.) The doctor had given me some (useless) head and neck exercises, but after reading that craniosacral therapy was beneficial, I had a one hour session. By the end of the session, I walked out completely cured of the dizzy sensations. I have used craniosacral therapy regularly for around seven years now. I find it helps my body to realign itself. I have mobility issues and I find that it makes my legs 'untwist' from whatever position they might have become stuck in.

From what I read, Atlas Adjustment sounds like a similar sort of therapy, and may be worth trying.


I have been having the atlas adjustment for the past few months and do I think I walk better no, but I do love having my knock cracked - lol

There is a face book page - MS recovery who support clean eating and hence OMS where quite a few members are advocates of the adjustment.
Hi Geoff

Did you go ahead with this? Did it help in anyway?

Hope you are well.

I haven't had it done. It seems very expensive and I'm not sure there is much evidence to support it. Still not ruling it out though.
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ok - thanks.
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