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Hi everyone,

I m curious about trying CBD oil. I have never used cannabis in any form so this is new territory for me. I live in Maryland (DC area) and my local health food store just started selling Green Mountain brand CBD oil. But the carrier oil is coconut oil--no good for OMS. Can anyone recommend a different brand that I might be able to find in Maryland or DC?

Check out hempgenix.us , they don't say what the oil they use as a carrier, but there are only 3 ingredients, hemp, (cbd), oil and hemp (seed) oil!

You can find their products online or in locations across the States.
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The variety they use for oil and seed is not the same as the vatiety considered as cannabis.
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Thanks! My understanding is that cannabidiol can come from cannabis or agricultural hemp. I actually found a store nearby that sells Plus brand CBD oil. The only other oil in it is olive oil, so more OMS friendly.
The important thing to keep in mind about CBD oil that you might acquire and use to test out to see if it helps you is that there is a bit of scientific research pointing to the fact that CBD works in concert with THC to make the CBD more active. Otherwise if you ingest or take CBD in some manner and you don't have the THC component you might just be wasting your money and time and not get much benefit. Many people do not need a lot of THC to get the benefit from the CBD compound but it may be important at some level.

We are rapidly learning that nature has developed the cannabis plant to deliver medicinal properties by activating various cannabinoids within. What's important is the synergy between compounds and not to simply isolate a compound.

Here's some further reading ...

https://www.projectcbd.org/science/endo ... oid-system

The science is very exciting and moving along at a quick pace.

If you live in an area where medical is legal, you can test out different strains that have different arrangements of CBD and THC. It's also very, very important to get the correct balance of the Sativa/Indica for a condition that you are trying to treat. This is very important, otherwise your kind of wiring in the dark and likely wasting your time.

It's also very important to study how different types of oils are made. Some are made to ingest and others are meant to vape. Some are made with toxins that can really hamper the efficacy and in the end be not so good for you.its also very important to understand that with certain compounds it's key to have a "fat" agent to make the binding much better for the compound to be more bioavailable.
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