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First I hope everyone on here is feeling as great as possible. I was at work about a month ago and faced an extremely stressful situation. It's been stressful at work and the situation exploded on this night. At the peak of the stress I felt my entire back of my head numb up in waves. I didnf think much as I thought it was part of the stressful situation. Next morning I woke up to the left side of my head, front to back had slight tingling still. It's been weeks and it's still here. I went to my dr who said it would go away. I've been popping vitamin d and b and Advil as well as eating well and exercising. That said has anyone had something like this happen to them? If so how long did it last? Any suggestions on how to get rid of this faster? Thanks for any suggestions. Peace and Heakth to you all.
I hope the stressful situation is now under control, stress is best managed it is not a great match with MS. Mediation will hopefully also help here.
Do you know roughly what your vitamin d level is?
I hope you feel better soon.
I echo Vege's post, check your Vitamin D level, you should be in the range of 180 - 220 nmol. Having your level in this range reduces chances of relapsing by 70%. This will also help you to recover from relapses faster.
This sensory attack should subside quick providing your vit D levels are at the right level, meditate and eat well.
In the mean time. I would be taking high levels of Flax Oil as it is such a powerful anti-inflammatory.
Get your vit D tested THEN take a megadose of vit D. It won't do any harm.
Professor Jelinek said on the retreat that i attended, "if your Doctor questions the high doses that we take, ask him/her to supply evidence that high levels of vitamind D are harmfull, because there isn't any!".

And thanks Veg, I corrected my post!! Apologies, I typed harmless instead of harmful.
Rose do you mean harmful rather than harmless?
Thank you for your advice. My d levels are low. I've been taking 15,000 iu a day. Today I'm up to 45,000. I meg dosed once last year but get nervous popping that many pills. What's a good one time mega dose amount? Thanks again. Best.
You must find out what your level is before you megadose. Some people absorb vit D very rapidly and need to take high quantities.
I take a test seasonly, after winter and after summer to check the level.
And don't panic about taking high levels. This is an evidence -based program we follow.
I will follow any amount of instruction to keep well and to recover.
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